Desalting Plant

January 9, 2008--A watery lesson from Down Under (Rocky Mountain News)

Australia, like the U.S., had assumed that it had decades to adapt to a warmer world and less water. Now it is scrambling to provide basic supplies in some regions, building wind- powered desalination plants along its coasts and limiting use to conserve the precious resource.

October 18, 2007--Cal Am will operate new Sand City deslination plant (Denver Post)

The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District board voted 5-2 this week to approve a 15-year lease agreement giving control of the desalting plant to Cal Am. The plant will draw from brackish water in the Seaside aquifer to produce 300 acre-feet of clean water a year. It means Cal Am won't have to pump as much water from the Carmel River and the Seaside groundwater basins.

July 17, 2007--Dealination project update (Orange County Register)

The South Coast Water District Board of Directors heard an updated presentation on the proposed $136 million ocean desalination plant in Dana Point on July 12. The board did not take any action on the project which the Municipal Water District of Orange County has worked on since 2001.

June 13, 2007--Stakes high for Las Vegas water czar (National Public Radio)

But still, with the population of Las Vegas doubling over the past 15 years, and with annual visitors now topping 40 million, the city needs to find more water. And it has the financial resources to pay for new water sources.

March 21, 2007--Dormant desalting plant on Colorado River being tested (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

A plant built to remove salt from highly saline irrigation runoff has sat idle in southwestern Arizona for more than 14 years after only a nine-month run.

January 10, 2007--Dormant Yuma Desalting Plant to Get Restart (Tucson Citizen)

A $250 million deslating plant west of Yuma that has sat dormant since shortly after it was completed in the early 1990's is set to restart for a test run by June. The plant was built to reduce salt in agriculture runoff to help meet a water delivery treaty obligation with Mexico, but ran for only a six-month test in 1992-93. Since then, the U.S.

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