First Quarter 2009 WIP Newsletter Now Available!

The March 2009 WIP newsletter is now available. This is our first issue to focus on 'Women and Water.' We hope you enjoy and please provide us with your comments.

Linda Bassi—“Not by design”

When asked how she got in the water business, Linda Bassi, Section Chief of the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Stream and Lake Protection Program, stated, “Not by design.” Not withstanding, in a July 2008 interview, Bassi’s passion for the protec

Veva Deheza--"The carrot approach"

Colorado does not have the same level of planning for water conservation as other states in the West. Utah, for example, has mandated conservation goals for municipalities, while Phoenix has directives to reduce the number of gallons consumed per capita.

January 10, 2007--Water Rountable Won't Lobby on Spending Bill (Montrose Daily Press)

The Gunnison Basin roundtable decided to abandon any attempts to lobby for the alteration of a spending bill that would forward $500,000 to the Colorado Water Conservation Board for the study of water projects around the state. The study would look at six projects, including one that would pump water out of the Gunnison Basin.

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