Colorado River Basin Roundtable

December 1, 2014--Colorado River Basin to state: Not so fast (Aspen Times)

The Colorado River Basin Roundtable last week pushed back against a perception that Western Slope interests have reached an agreement about a conceptual transmountain diversion, as indicated by a draft of the Colorado Water Plan and recent remarks by James Eklund, the director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

March 26, 2014--State proposal lays scenario for cross-state 
water diversion (Grand Junction Sentinel)

The state water plan officials will offer to Gov. John Hickenlooper won’t identify a specific transmountain diversion, but will lay out the conditions under which one could be pursued, officials said Tuesday. The development came out of a meeting of the Interbasin Compact Committee on Tuesday, said Jim Pokrandt, who serves on the committee and heads the Colorado River Basin roundtable.

December 2, 2013--Water group: Look elsewhere for water (Aspen Times)

The members of the Colorado River Basin Roundtable last week unanimously agreed to tell a group of Front Range water interests not to look for new sources of water on the Western Slope to meet a forecasted water shortage.

August 4, 2010--Study: Amount of water for oil shale production is less than estimated (Grand Junction Sentinel)

An oil shale industry producing the equivalent of 1.5 million barrels of oil per day might require significantly less water than had been previously believed, a study suggests. Much of the water savings could stem from using natural gas to heat shale in place instead of using coal-fired electrical plants the size of those near Craig, the study suggests.

June 6, 2008--Roundtable group discusses limited water supply (Grand Junction Free Press)

People in western Colorado have been talking about how to best use the basin’s limited supply of water for the future, water watchers in the Colorado River Basin discussed Wednesday.

June 4, 2008--Officials to discuss state's water needs (The Daily Sentinel)

Water officials will seek out suggestions for supplying Colorado’s growing water needs over the next half-century in a town hall meeting today at Two Rivers Convention Center.

March 12, 2007--River district scores $300k to study energy's influence on water supplies (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

The Colorado River Water Conservation District has the go-ahead to study whether the water needs of oil shale, tar sands and natural gas development in the region will have negative consequences on the area's water supply. But state water managers want cooperation from the energy industry.

February 27, 2007--Oil shale has potential to soak up state's water (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

If private companies are pulling commercial-grade petroleum from Colorado, they might have to do it using more water than the Western Slope population now uses...The Colorado River Basin Roundtable is trying to get a handle on the amount of water that could be needed for development of oil shale deposits in Colorado, the richest of which lie between the Colorado and Green rivers in the northwest c

January 24, 2007--River accord rushes past the Western Slope (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

...Western Slope water officials are miffed that an agreement between Denver Water and Xcel Energy was reached without any input from the water roundtable...The agreement--involving Xcel's highly senior water rights at the Shoshone Power Plant in Glenwood Canyon--has a direct impact on water use on the Western Slope...Under the new agreement, Xcel and Denver say they will consult with the Western

January 18, 2007--Whitewater Park Would Help to Protect West Slope Water (Grand Junction Sentinel)

[EDITORIAL] Backers of the proposed Palisade whitewater park have some extra time to encourage the Mesa County Commission and others to provide the project with much-needed funding. The Colorado River Basin Roundtable, however, rejected a funding request on the rationale that the park would not generate any wet water.

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