Colorado Division of Wildlife

July 9, 2011--Breakwater will make McPhee boating safer (Cortez Journal)

Nearly two years after receiving go-ahead funding from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Montezuma County officials are requesting bids for the installation of a breakwater at McPhee Reservoir. The county was granted $151,152 for the establishment of the breakwater from the 2009 Motorboat Access grant program provided by the division of wildlife.

Bennett to Carry Hermosa Creek Bill

The Hermosa Creek River Protection Workgroup’s discussions about how best to manage the 100,000-acre Hermosa Creek watershed north of Durango began in 2008 and wrapped up in early 2010.

May 19, 2011--Reclaiming upper Hermosa Creek (Durango Telegraph)

The beleaguered Colorado River cutthroat trout is getting a new lifeline this summer. Thanks to a joint effort between the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service, the native fish, once close to landing on the endangered species list, will be given an exclusive home in upper Hermosa Creek.

March 19, 2011--Wild Colorado - Invasive species: a never-ending battle (Summit Daily)

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has found the invasive zebra mussel in just seven Colorado bodies of water, but crews monitor 230 waters in the state to keep the threat from spreading. The agency's efforts extend beyond its jurisdiction into Forest Service and municipal areas and more. For that, the invasive species coordinator, Elizabeth Brown, was recently recognized by the Forest Service.

February 4, 2011--Water bill would raid Colorado wildlife funds (Summit Voice)

So far, the State Legislature hasn’t tackled water in the current session, but one measure on the horizon has caught the attention of Colorado hunters and anglers.

CDOW’s New Invasives Regs

“The spread of aquatic nuisance species is a serious problem that threatens to disrupt our fisheries and potentially restrict angler opportunity,” said Colorado Division of Wildlife commission chairman Tim Glenn.

December 10, 2010--Stream flows at issue in Denver Water diversion plans (Summit Citizens)

Colorado Division of Wildlife biologists this week said plans by Denver Water to increase diversions from the West Slope via the Moffat Firming Project will reduce stream flows and raise temperatures in the Williams Fork, Fraser and Upper Colorado River systems.

October 19, 2010--No trespassing (Durango Herald)

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has overcome environmentalist protests, uncertain funding, project downsizing and cost overruns to bring the decades-old Animas-La Plata Project to completion. Now the agency is facing a new challenge: intruders.

Boat Inspections Now Mandatory in Colorado

Watercraft inspections to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species are now mandatory in Colorado for both resident and non-resident motorized watercraft.

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