Colorado River Delta

July 27, 2016--The Colorado River’s unexpected carbon footprint (High Country News)

When water rushed over the dry riverbed of the Colorado River Delta for the first time in two decades, thousands of bubbles popped up in the sand. Alongside the bank, a group of scientists stood in awe, theorizing that oxygen and nitrogentrapped in the sediment were the cause.

December 11, 2014--Colorado River delta 25 percent greener (Fronteras Desk)

A report released Wednesday shows an experimental release of water into the dry Colorado River Delta shows potential for how more regular flows could restore the environment. Last spring’s pulse flow was the result of an unprecedented agreement among the seven Colorado River basin states, the United States and Mexico called Minute 319.

May 13, 2014--Colorado Delta pulse flow should connect with the sea by Thursday, feds say (Arizona Daily Star)

For the first time in many years, the Colorado River is apparently about to reach the sea. Based on aerial photos taken of the Colorado River Delta, the world-renowned delta pulse flow that started nearly two months ago is likely to connect with the Gulf of California on Thursday, a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation official said this morning. "Based on these more recent aerial images . . .

December 12, 2013--Scientists plan for grand experiment in the Colorado River Delta (National Geographic)

Once written off as dying of thirst and beyond revival, the delta of the Colorado River will soon get a rejuvenating flood that for scientists offers a unique opportunity: the chance to study how plants, trees, birds, fisheries, and the vast delta ecosystem as a whole respond to an experimental pulse of river water.

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