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July 14, 2016--It’s not your imagination: Climate change is making Colorado summers hotter and stickier (Denver Post)

Complaints about summer heat are typical, but when people in Fort Collins and Greeley talk about feeling too hot, they’re not imagining things. According to 

September 23, 2012--Climate Central reveals telling study of climate change & wildfire (Summit Daily)

A new analysis on western wildfires by Climate Central released Sept. 18 found that blazes seen this summer are now seven times more likely to occur than they were 70 years ago because of a continued warming trend, researchers say.

June 13, 2012--Colorado among fastest-warming states (Windsor Now)

Some states are warming much faster than others, and according to a new report by Climate Central, Colorado is among the top 20 fastest-warming states. Colorado warmed 0.483 degrees per decade since 1970, and 0.225 degrees per decade over the past 100 years, the study said.

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