Archive - 2010

December 30th

December 31, 2010--Recent storms boosting Colorado snowpack (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Recent storms are helping to boost snowpack in much of Colorado. As of Tuesday, the statewide snowpack was already 130 percent of average for that date, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The Upper Rio Grande basin was the only one in the state that was below average, at 93 percent.

December 30, 2010--Magnuson will lead MVIC (Cortez Journal)

A change in leadership is underway at Montezuma Valley Irrigation Co. with the selection of Don Magnuson as the new general manager. Formerly of Eaton, Colo., Magnuson served as superintendant of The New Cache La Poudre Irrigating Co. north of Greeley. "I've known Don for five years, and he comes highly recommended," MVIC President Randy Carver said.

December 30, 2010--Power pushes the envelope of water resources (Pueblo Chieftain)

It takes a lot of water to make juice. Electricity in this case. As the state’s population has increased, so have electric demands. Since most of the state’s electricity is supplied by coal-fired power plants, a lot of water is required to run steam turbines and cool equipment.

December 29, 2010--Town of Norwood looking for new water (Norwood Post)

With the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) set to file an intent to appropriate in-stream flows (ISF) on the lower San Miguel River next month, the Town of Norwood is attempting to get a jump on the quickly-disappearing water in the San Miguel Watershed and will this week file on water rights. “It isn’t just us,” said Norwood Town Administrator Patti Grafmyer.

December 28, 2010--Farmers who depend on runoff from snow melt worried by warmer winter weather (Los Angeles Times)

Farmers who rely on runoff from winter snowfall are worried about a predicted weather pattern of warmer, drier winter weather in New Mexico and southern Colorado. Farmers in southern New Mexico rely on the runoff once it reaches Elephant Butte Lake in the spring and summer. Right now, there's not much water stored in reservoirs that's designated for the Elephant Butte Irrigation District.

December 26, 2010--Report finds oil shale could impact Colorado’s water (Aspen Daily News)

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently found that oil shale development in Western Colorado could impact the water quality in rivers in the region.

December 24, 2010--Aaron Million tweaks his water project (Coloradoan)

Fort Collins entrepreneur Aaron Million says he has big plans in 2011 for reshaping his proposed Regional Watershed Supply Project, possibly focusing the project not just on supplying water to Front Range communities, but turning the pipeline into a major hydroelectric power project.

December 24, 2010--In a region that imports water, much goes to waste (Los Angeles Times)

It is one of the Southland's enduring contradictions. The region that laid pipe across hundreds of miles and tunneled through mountains to import water also built an extensive storm drain system to get rid of rainfall as quickly as possible.

December 23, 2010--Ritter creates river access mediation panel (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Gov. Bill Ritter today ordered the creation of a River Access Mediation Commission to try to help resolve disputes between boaters and property owners on Colorado waterways. Creation of the commission was one of eight unanimous recommendations made in a report by a 17-member governor’s task force created to come up with ways to address river access conflicts.

December 23, 2010--Groups clash over state's water issues (Coloradoan)

If Colorado water planners don't encourage new water-supply projects and conservation efforts, farmland could be dried up as the state searches for water sources to sate the thirst of a state population expected to double by 2050, a new report to Gov. Bill Ritter says.