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December 30, 2008--Laser experiment aimed at saving farm water (Denver Post)

Seventy-six years after the invention of the modern sprinkler helped revolutionize farming, a professor of environmental engineering is pointing a laser beam across an alfalfa crop in Southern California's

December 29, 2008--La Jara water district may join lawsuit (Alamosa Valley Courier)

The Alamosa River, La Jara Creek Water Conservancy District wants to know if the state is planning to expand the Rio Grande River Compact between Colorado, Texas

December 29, 2008--Seawater science can help climate change forecasts (Environmental News Network)

A team of scientists has come up with a new definition of seawater which is set to boost the accuracy of projections for oceans and climate.

December 29th

December 26, 2008--More Colorado River water on tap for county (Boulder Daily Camera)

From where the town of Erie sits — on the flats at the very eastern edge of Boulder County — residents can see the snow stacked in the valleys near the Continental Divide, which melts to quench the thirst

December 26, 2008--California budget impasse halts flood control projects (Environmental News Service)

The lack of budget agreement between the Republican governor and the Democrat-controlled Legislature last week caused the state Pooled Money Investment Board - two Democrats, one Republican - to vote to st

December 26, 2008--Old chemicals found years later in marine mammals (L.A. Times)

More than a generation has passed since manufacturers in Southern California dumped large quantities of the pesticide DDT and the chemical PCB into the Los Angeles County sewer system, which spilled t