Water Storage

June 29, 2014--Water panel identifies wish list (La Junta Tribune)

During the third annual Protein Producer Summit, a joint summer business meeting of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and the Colorado Livestock Association, four panelists shared a wish list of items they think could improve the state’s ability to fully capture and utilize its water resources. More storage is needed!

May 25, 2014--Rising water levels and temps good omens for Lake Powell (Grand Junction Sentinel)

If you haven’t been looking, Lake Powell is rising. The elevation as of Thursday was 3,583 feet (full is considered 3,700 feet) and going up about six inches per day.

May 8, 2014--Family Farm Alliance white paper: 'Twenty questions on water storage projects & more! (Water Wired)

With much of the West blanketed by moderate to severe drought conditions there has been heightened recent interest expressed for the need for additional water storage facilities.

April 29, 2014--Senate moves to store more water (Colorado Independent)

HB 1333 puts a grand total of more than $300 million into expanding Colorado’s water storage capacity, especially on the front range. The bill’s largest project includes funding a 25,000 acre feet expansion of the Chatfield Reservoir, located in the district of sponsor Sen. Ted Harvey, R-Highlands Ranch.

March 29, 2014--Water supply worth a dam? (Grand Junction Sentinel)

When Gov. John Hickenlooper sat down Friday for lunch with the board of directors of Club 20, the West Slope promotional organization, the pitcher at his table was emblazoned with a handwritten label: “Western Slope Water.” “I drink that stuff every day,” Hickenlooper told his lunch companions.

February 28, 2014--Despite L.A. storms, region will still be parched, fire-prone (Los Angeles Times)

Even as Los Angeles wades through the middle of one of the wettest periods in at least two years, public officials and weather

February 26, 2014--Reservoirs are above average but water efficiency is still important (9 News)

Every week the snowpack is doing better and better with each storm contributing from a couple of inches to a feet of snow at a time. The statewide snowpack in the last two weeks has jumped up 7 percent from 108 percent of average to 115 percent of average.

February 26, 2014--Western Slope vulnerable to drought (Vail Daily)

A looming water shortage for Front Range cities is largely driving current efforts to develop a Colorado Water Plan, but that doesn’t mean that towns and cities on the Western Slope are entirely prepared for their own water future.

February 21, 2014--New reservoir key to reliable water source for Phoenix (Arizona Republic)

The Pinnacle Peak Reservoir will hold 3 million gallons, which is about 250 average swimming pools that each consist of 12,000 gallons of water. Phoenix delivers the same amount of water in total today as it did 10 years ago — despite a 28 percent growth in population.

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