Water Pollution

March 29, 2014--Plane search raises questions about sea of floating junk (WPRO Newsroom)

The search for debris from missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has not turned up any evidence of a crash, but it has trained the world's gaze on thousands of pieces of junk floating on the ocean's surface.

March 28, 2014--Can a water pollution credit plan help clean up our waterways? (Fast Company)

Excess nutrients are flooding into rivers and causing suffocating algae blooms. A major project hopes to get farmers and companies working together to fix the problem at the lowest cost to everyone. When too much nitrogen and phosphorus runs into lakes and rivers, the result is a bloom of algae that--if it gets bad enough--can suffocate fish and other life in the water.

March 3, 2014--Water in the air is just as vulnerable to pollution as surface water reports water researcher (Digital Journal)

The humidity in the air – the gasified water vapor droplets that enable us to breathe and prevent us from drying out and shriveling up – is just as vulnerable to water pollution as are the lakes, rivers and aquifers on the ground. The health consequences of polluted humidity are just as bad, if not worse than other types of water pollution.

Water Pollution Pioneer, Ruth Patrick, Dies at 105

Ruth Patrick, a pioneer in studying the health of freshwater streams and rivers who laid the scientific groundwork for modern pollution control efforts, passe

September 23, 2013--Ruth Patrick, a pioneer in pollution control, dies at 105 (New York Times)

Ruth Patrick, a pioneer in studying the health of freshwater streams and rivers who laid the scientific groundwork for modern pollution control efforts, died on Monday in Lafayette Hill, Pa. She was 105. Her death, at the Hill at Whitemarsh retirement community, was announced by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia.

August 29, 2013--Dolores takes a hard look upstream (Cortez Journal)

Dolores is drawing up a emergency action plan to handle potential pollution sources into the Dolores River. The watershed protection plan is a non-binding education effort designed to prevent risks to the region's water supply.

April 1, 2013--Pharmaceuticals in streams (Environmental News Network)

Pharmaceuticals commonly found in the environment are found in streams, with unknown impacts on aquatic life and water quality. So reports a new Ecological Applications paper, which highlights the ecological cost of pharmaceutical waste and the need for more research into environmental impacts.

August 9, 2012--Global water sustainability flows through natural and human challenges (Science Daily)

Water's fate in China mirrors problems across the world: fouled, pushed far from its natural origins, squandered and exploited.

March 23, 2012--Report: South Platte most polluted in Colorado (Denver Post)

An environmental group says the South Platte River is the most polluted waterway in Colorado. Environment Colorado released a report Thursday based on Environmental Protection Agency statistics from 2010. The group says that industrial facilities released more than 700,000 pounds of toxic chemicals into Colorado rivers that year, with a third ending up in the South Platte.

March 14, 2012--Groundwater nitrate contamination grows in California farm areas (Los Angeles Times)

Nitrate contamination of groundwater in some of the state's most intensely farmed regions has grown worse in recent decades and will continue to spread, threatening the drinking water supplies of more than 250,000 people, according to a new study.

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