Water Law

June 19, 2012--Hickenlooper says he can’t let the groundwater wells pump (Windsor Now)

Gov. John Hickenlooper has delivered the news Weld County farmers didn’t want to hear — the news they couldn’t afford to hear, they say. During a meeting with Weld County commissioners Tuesday morning, Hickenlooper said he doesn’t have the authority to allow curtailed groundwater wells in Weld County to pump out of priority.

June 6, 2012--State of Colorado to get water-law rewrite? (Durango Herald)

The Southwestern Water Conservation District has joined other agencies in opposing two ballot initiatives that would overturn 160 years of Colorado water law. No longer could individuals claim water under the current “first in time, first in line” standard.

June 5, 2012--Water to the people (High Country News)

I hadn’t realized until I got an (en masse) email from Senator Mark Udall recently, that we’re celebrating water in Colorado this year. He and Sen.

May 17, 2012--Important legislation passes during special session (Office of the Governor of Colorado)

Gov. John Hickenlooper today thanked the General Assembly for using the special session to successfully address unfinished business that died last week without debate or consideration by the House of Representatives.

Good Samaritan Support

According to a Telluride Watch article, after nearly 20 years of inaction, the creation of a Good Samaritan policy with regard to the cleanup of abandoned mine drainag

Colorado Supreme Court Okays Water Ballot Initiatives

The Colorado Supreme Court has approved the titles for two proposals that critics say would change the way Colorado has handled water rights since 1876.

April 8, 2012--There’s a new procedure for changing water rights (Durango Herald)

There’s a new “simplified” procedure for changing water rights. As most water users know, obtaining a change of water right can be expensive and risky. It requires a court decree and can involve protracted litigation with experts critiquing the basis and nature of the water right.

March 16, 2012--Hobbs: Water law touches life (Pueblo Chieftain)

Although water rights in Colorado have been separated from the land for years, there is a community interest that must be preserved when they change hands. “Water law is much more than a code in a courtroom,” Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs said Wednesday.

March 10, 2012--Farmers, ranchers worry about proposed state initiatives targeting water rights (The Fence)

Gene Kammerzell owns water rights that were decreed in 1865 and have been in his family's name for 100 years — dating back to when his grandparents migrated from Russia to Colorado and established a family farm near Milliken, Colo.

February 24, 2012--Proposed measures could alter water law (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado Water Congress is fighting a pair of initiatives because they could cause chaos with state water rights, but would be limited if the measures survive a Supreme Court challenge. Initiatives 3 and 45, sponsored by Richard Hamilton of Fairplay and his attorney Phil Doe, seek to apply the public trust doctrine to Colorado water rights with a constitutional change.

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