Water Law

What is the Equitable Apportionment?

Colorado water flows to eighteen downstream states and the Republic of Mexico.

Public Trust Doctrine: Part III

In an ongoing effort to inform the public and water community alike, this is the third in a four part 2013 series relate

October 4, 2013--Understanding augmentation plans (Valley Courier)

In discussions of water we hear of wells being augmented. What does this mean and what is an Augmentation Plan? These are important concepts that are applicable throughout Colorado.

September 8, 2013--Taking on water (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Legislation recognizing the water laws of Colorado and other western states could discourage federal efforts to claim water, said U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Colo. Tipton will introduce legislation aimed at codifying western water law to deter federal pre-emption of water rights, he said.

September 3, 2013--Gardner announces plans for water storage legislation (Coloradoan)

Rep. Cory Gardner, Republican from the 4th Congressional District, led a water storage tour in Weld County on Friday and announced he would be introducing new legislation when Congress returns from its summer work period.

August 9, 2013--Davis to head CPW water unit (Chaffee Country Times)

Colorado water expert Alex Davis is returning to public service as the head of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife water unit. Davis, one of Colorado’s leading water attorneys, will begin her new position on Aug. 8.

More Flexibility in State's Water Laws Needed, Panel Says

According to an April 24th Greeley Tribune article, reforming laws to provide more flexibility in how water is used and shared in Colorado will be critical in meeting demands as the state’s population rapidly grows.

Public Trust Doctrine: Part II

In an ongoing effort to inform the public and water community alike, this is the second in a four part 2013 series related to the Colorado Public Trust Doctrine issue.

Water Bills Signed into Law by Gov. Hickenlooper

A number of water bills introduced by Sen. Mary Hodge have been signed by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

July 1, 2013--In Colo. agriculture, efficient water use doesn’t always pay (Aspend Daily News)

Sure, Colorado is in a historic drought, and sure, agriculture uses roughly 85 percent of the state’s water. It seems obvious, then, that making agriculture more efficient is a surefire way to preserve Colorado’s dwindling water supply. And yet, state water law often encourages farmers and ranchers to use as much water as they legally can, just to keep their water rights intact.

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