April 11, 2014--Drought prompts rice farmers to try new crops (Statesman.com)

Brothers Stewart and Kirby Savage should be out right now, planting rice, a crop that their family has grown in Matagorda County for nearly a century. But here they sit, in their low-slung office along Texas 60, talking water, or the lack of it. The Savage family, like many rice farmers, are facing a third year in a row without irrigation water from the Colorado River.

March 29, 2014--Rising waters: The increasing need for water attorneys (Ozymandias)

With droughts in California, water conflicts in Texas and the continued Southern water wars, it is no secret that water is becoming a more precious commodity. And as the value of water increases, a legal career path is rising in demand. Enter stage right: water rights attorneys.

March 24, 2014--Texas and Nevada join drought-plagued California (24/7 Wall Street)

Drought is so severe in some parts of California that scientists have observed that conditions may not significantly improve for decades. The problem’s worst effects reach across the state’s inland valleys, which are agriculture rich and therefore can least afford a prolonged lack of water. Many of the cities in this area have among the highest unemployment in the United States.

March 21, 2014--Tensions over Rio Grande escalate with drought (Valley Courier)

Tension was high Thursday as top water managers from New Mexico, Colorado and Texas gathered to discuss management of the Rio Grande in the face of severe drought and a legal battle that has the potential to leave farmers in the arid region without a much-needed source of water. Members of the Rio

March 14, 2014--A water revolution for the thirsty West (Wall Street Journal)

California has been suffering from a crippling drought, but it is hardly alone in its water struggle. Since 2010, rainfall in Texas has declined so markedly that several dozen communities are in danger of running out of water.

March 9, 2014--Drought hastens end of a region’s hydropower era (New York Times)

The yearslong drought in Central Texas could eventually snuff out a renewable power source that fueled the region’s early growth: hydropower. Faced with dwindling water supplies, the Lower Colorado River Authority, which supplies water and energy to much of Central Texas, is

February 8, 2014--California, Texas, and the Southwestern U.S. face a critical year for water supplies (Circle of Blue)

Like a human pulse, reservoirs are the most obvious indicator of a water-supply system’s health. At the beginning of 2014, three major U.S. regions are suffering, and the consequences touch all limbs of the body politic. A topic attracting fervent debate in a normal year, water will crown the list of public policy concerns in the Western United States in 2014.

January 24, 2014--Drought provides window to old west (Wall Street Journal)

A severe drought plaguing much of the West is also bringing bits of its past back to life, as long-submerged historic artifacts and natural features are exposed by receding lake levels. Near Sacramento, man-made Folsom Lake has receded to less than one-fifth of its capacity amid bone-dry conditions in California, recently revealing outskirts of a ghost town

December 19, 2013--Sinking land brings calls for pumping alternative (New York Times)

Amid a persistent drought, a growing population and a dwindling supply of surface water, much of Texas is searching for underground water resources. But a large swath of Texas — home to close to one-quarter of its population — is looking for water supplies anywhere but beneath its surface.

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