November 28, 2014--Human-induced nitrogen pollution impacts oceans (Business Standard)

Human activity, particularly in industrial and agricultural processes, has had significant impacts on the upper ocean nitrogen cycle, a new study has warned.

November 4, 2014--Groundwater patches play important role in forest health, water quality (Science Daily)

Even during summer dry spells, some isolated patches of soil in forested watersheds remain waterlogged. These patches act as hot spots of microbial activity that remove nitrogen from groundwater and return it to the atmosphere, researchers from several institutions, including Virginia Tech, report in a leading scientific journal. The discovery provides insight into the health of a forest.

October 29, 2014--Durango wastewater-plant repair deadline extends (Durango Herald)

The Durango wastewater-treatment plant will not have to make millions of dollars worth of improvements by 2017 to meet new clean water guidelines, after negotiations with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

November 29, 2013--What is the true cost of food production? (Environmental News Network)

Unsustainable farming systems that damage the environment and public health thrive at the expense of sustainable producers. Patrick Holden makes the case for "true cost accounting." We must account for the real costs of food, or sustainable food systems will never break through to the mainstream.

October 22, 2013--Nitrogen pollution at critical levels in dozens of national parks (High Country News)

We’ve had national parks on the brain a lot lately as we slogged through 16 days of federal shutdown.

March 26, 2013--EPA finds 55 percent of rivers and streams in US in poor condition; situation worse in East (Washington Post)

More than half of the country’s rivers and streams are in poor biological health, unable to support healthy populations of aquatic insects and other creatures, according to a new nationwide survey released Tuesday. The Environmental Protection Agency sampled nearly 2,000 locations in 2008 and 2009 — from rivers as large as the Mississippi River to streams small enough for wading.

April 12, 2012--River nutrients: It’s all about being healthy (Durango Herald)

Nutrients in water – sounds good. Like a vitamin-water mix. However, like vitamins, nutrients are good in the right amount and can be problematic in too high a dose. When talking about nutrients in water, the most common components discussed are nitrogen and phosphorus.

January 21, 2012--Fight over water regulations gaining steam (Colorado Springs Gazette)

A water fight that’s been bubbling beneath the surface of public consciousness for at least a decade is likely to erupt like a geyser in coming months as Colorado public heal

December 18, 2011--Nitrogen pollution building in remote wilderness lakes (Summit Voice)

Even some of the most remote mountain lakes in the northern hemisphere have been affected by the long reach of human pollution, according to researchers who found traces of nitrogen compounds in more than 75 percent of the lakes they surveyed in Europe and the Rocky Mountains of North America.

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