Water Crisis

March 15, 2014--The Colorado River and the future of the West (Daily Camera)

Up here in Colorado, it's been a great year for snow. So great, in fact, that it might be easy to forget the challenges facing the Colorado River, the lifeline for nearly 40 million people in the Southwest.

February 15, 2014--In drought-stricken Central Valley, Obama calls for cooperation (Los Angeles Times)

President Obama on Friday warned against thinking of water as a “zero-sum game” and urged regional players to push beyond politics in solving supply problems.

February 3, 2014--The unprecedented water crisis of the American Southwest (The Week)

Why is the Colorado so important? It's the lifeline of the arid Southwest. Starting off in the snowy Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado, the 1,450-mile river snakes its way through the Grand Canyon and southwest toward Mexico, supplying water to seven states — California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

August 23, 2013--Hickenlooper: "Colorado is facing a water crisis" (Denver Post)

"The truth is Colorado is facing a water crisis," Gov. John Hickenlooper told attendees at the Colorado Water Congress' summer conference this week at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort. The West is growing, he said, and Colorado is among the states with the highest population growth rates, of which the top five are Western states.

August 7, 2013--Officials: Rural NM facing water crisis (Denver Post)

State officials have been fielding a steady stream of phone calls and emails from the managers of community drinking water systems around the state as drought refuses to give up its grip on New Mexico. The managers are looking to the state for help as they work to avert a crisis.

May 4, 2012--Movie review: 'Last Call at the Oasis' smartly sounds alarm on water (Los Angles Times)

"Last Call on the Oasis" is a playful title for a film that couldn't be more deadly serious. A thorough examination of the epic crises threatening the world's water supply, crises that few people are paying attention to, this documentary tells you to be afraid, very afraid.

December 3, 2011--Texas towns at risk of drying up find quick solutions to bring in water, but no long-term fix (Washington Post)

In a tranquil state park in Central Texas, workers are busily piecing together massive yellow pipes that spell salvation for this city. The pipes run along a park road, slither between trees, cross a street to avoid an ancient cemetery, hug a state-owned easement and then land at a treatment plant. Without it, what everyone fears most would come true: The water will stop running.

September 9, 2011--Too wacky? Moving water from flood to drought (Wall Street Journal)

As the soggy East tries to dry out from flooding and Texas prays for rain that doesn't come, you might ask: Isn't there some way to ship all that water from here to there? It's an idea that has tempted some, but reality gets in the way.

August 26, 2011--Report: a fraction invested of the world’s GDP could drastically improve drinking water access (Washington Post)

Investing as little as 0.16 percent of the world’s gross domestic product — or $198 billion per year — could give half a billion people regular access to safe drinking water within four years, a U.N. official said Friday. That would halve the number of people who risk serious illness and death on a daily basis, the United Nations Environment Program said.

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