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February 20, 2014--Town to develop water efficiency plan (Telluride Daily Planet)

Telluride may sit at the top of a watershed, but as the last two summers have proven, that does not make it immune to drought. Now, in an effort to establish efficiency measures, gain a comprehensive understanding of its water supply and meet a requirement set out in a 2012 water settlement agreement, the town is setting out to develop a water efficiency plan.

August 15, 2013--Telluride considers COP financing for Pandora project (Telluride News)

The Town of Telluride is considering utilizing financing mechanisms known as “certificates of participation” to raise the roughly $4.7 million it needs to finish the Pandora water project.

May 5, 2013--Town looking to fill Pandora project shortfalls (Telluride Daily Planet)

On the verge of a major phase of construction on its long-awaited Pandora water treatment plant, the Town of Telluride has started to explore ways to patch the project’s significant funding shortfall. And finding that money — an estimated $4 million to finish the project by 2014 — won’t be easy.

December 14, 2012--Council approves settlement with Idarado (Telluride Daily Planet)

The Telluride Town Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to enter into a comprehensive settlement agreement with Idarado Mining over long-standing water issues in Bridal Veil Basin.

November 22, 2012--Telluride, Idarado poised to resolve Bridal Veil water dispute (Telluride Watch)

Few were present in the Telluride Town Council’s meeting chambers last Tuesday, Nov. 20, for perhaps the most momentous agenda item of the entire year  – the unveiling of a pending comprehensive settlement agreement regarding the Bridal Veil water system between the Idarado Mining Company and the Town of Telluride.

July 3, 2012--Tapping Bridal Veil Falls (Telluride Daily Planet)

The San Miguel Power Association recently took a big step in keeping energy local and renewable. In May, SMPA began purchasing all the energy produced by the Bridal Veil Falls Hydro Plant — between roughly 1,500 and 2,000 megawatt hours a year. The contract is for 25 years.

Idarado Recalls Water Rights

In May, the Idarado Mining Company announced it was recalling water rights it had conditionally deeded to the Town of Telluride in 1992.

May 15, 2011--Idarado to tap water rights (Telluride Daily Planet)

The Idarado Mining Company announced Friday it was recalling water rights it had conditionally given to the Town of Telluride in 1992. The company said in a press release that it would use the water to generate power at the Bridal Veil Power Station, a turn of the 20th century hydroelectric powerplant that looms at the end of the box canyon.

October 8, 2010--Status quo expected at Bridal Veil (Telluride Daily Planet)

The Bridal Veil Power Station is an uncommon confluence in the channels of groundbreaking utility and improbable beauty. It is one of the oldest operating AC generators in the country and still surges power into the local grid, but it is also a building of a certain esteem, standing sentry to the valley from its perch atop the state’s tallest waterfall.

Telluride and Idarado Settle Legal Battle

Blue Lake is the centerpiece of a plan years in the making to secure a clean and ample source of water for Telluride residents. The Town had intended to tap the lake, pipe the water down the basin, and then disperse it among the community and down the valley.

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