Animas River

June 23, 2011--Animas River protection effort begins (Durango Telegraph)

The upper Animas River could be in for a little relief. The new River Protection Workgroup holds its first meeting June 23 with the aim of “protecting values” on the Animas River upstream of Baker’s Bridge. The meeting is set for 5:30 p.m.

Animas River Protection Workgroup (Silverton, CO)

06/23/2011 5:30 pm

The meeting will take place at Kendall Mountain Recreation Center in Silverton. For additional information, contact Marsh Porter-Norton, Facilitator, River Protection Workgroup at 970-247-8306 (O and F), 759-3110 (C), or

June 8, 2011--Celebrating the Animas River (Durango Herald)

Animas River Days will kick off Friday with a long list of activities on both water and land in its 25th-plus outing. Returning are longtime favorites such as the Kayak Slalom, Down River Race and River Parade. Also returning will be last year’s new event, the Inflatable Rodeo.

May 31, 2011--Gridlock snags mine cleanup effort (Durango Herald)

Efforts to change federal law to protect groups willing to cleanup polluting mines from legal liability have hit a snag, according to the Obama administration. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said last week that legislative gridlock is keeping President Barrack Obama from his pledge to change the

May 30, 2011--Thousands of old mines pollute Colorado waters, with no help in sight (Denver Post)

As mountain snow starts to melt, trickling toxic acid laced with dissolved metals — arsenic, cadmium, copper, zinc — is fouling Colorado watersheds.

May 21, 2011--No solutions on Animas River pollutants (Durango Herald)

A meeting in Silverton this week concerning heavy-metal contamination of the Animas River increased public knowledge of the problem but produced no immediate solutions. “We wanted to bring people up to date on the quality of water in the Animas and why it’s getting worse,” Pete

April 5, 2011--Colorado snowpack low in south, may fuel flooding in north (Denver Post)

Colorado's snowpack schizophrenia has intensified, with southern river basins hurting for snowpack while the northern half of the state could face flooding.

March 18, 2011--Lake Nighthorse getting pumped up again (Durango Herald)

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation on Thursday resumed pumping Animas River water to fill Lake Nighthorse, a reservoir just southwest of Durango.  “We turned on the pumps at 7:30 a.m.,” said Tyler Artichoker, the project’s first-fill engineer.

November 21, 2010--EPA considers SW Colo creek for Superfund (Summit Daily)

Portions of upper Cement Creek that feeds into the Animas River in southwestern Colorado are being considered for listing as a Superfund site. Heavy metals gushing from abandoned mines, some which operated in the late 1800s to early 1900s in the Gladstone area, are believed to be polluting the creek.

August 24, 2010--Hydropower to fuel historic mill (Durango Herald)

The San Juan County Historical Society is about more than relics of the past,The organization has an entrepreneurial spirit, the latest manifestation of which is the development of a hydroelectric plant to support another venture - the restoration of the historic Mayflower Mill. Historical society leaders began to envision an opportunity when the Sunnyside Gold Corp.

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