U.S. Drought Monitor

January 17, 2014--California faces water shortages and wildfires as “mega-drought” gets even worse (Solon)

The year 2013 was California’s driest on record, featuring the least rainfall since the state started keeping track in 1849. And so far, 2014 is off to a bad start. A full 63 percent of the state is in extreme drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor — up from 23 percent just last week and extending into northwestern Nevada.

January 6, 2014--Drought could be on the way back (Post Independent)

After a very dry start, fall rain and early snow eased most of Colorado out of the intense drought we experienced in 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Parched soils and trees soaked up the moisture, stream flows recovered, and next year’s water supply, in the form of snow, began building up nicely. As of Dec.

December 3, 2013--Drought just won't go away (Pueblo Chieftain)

Despite some encouraging snowfall in November, large parts of the state remain on drought alert, according to the latest report from the state drought task force. Conditions in the Arkansas Valley, particularly Bent, Crowley and Otero counties, are listed as exceptional drought by the U.S. Drought Monitor, an interagency monitor of long-term weather conditions.

September 21, 2013--Winter snow, not summer rain, defines a drought (Colorado Springs Gazette)

Although recent storms have dumped enough water on some areas of Colorado to set off major flooding, the state is still a long way from escaping lingering drought. "There will be some improvement across the area, but we are still well below norma

September 12, 2013--More than half of USA in a drought (USA Today)

Drought covers more than half of the country and is at its largest percentage since early April, according to this week's U.S. Drought Monitor, a weekly federal website. As of Tuesday, 50.7% of the contiguous USA is in a drought.

July 2, 2013--Drought expanding again in Colorado (Summit Voice)

After a short-lived burst of late spring moisture, much of Colorado is veering back toward drought conditions, with soil moisture declining in many parts of the state.

June 12, 2013--Drought is now 'extreme' (Cortez Journal)

An ominous graphic on the U.S. Drought Monitor website reveals worsening drought conditions overtaking the region. The 12-week map animation begins March 19 and ends June 4. Red hues representing high levels of drought creep closer and closer to the Four Corners, and then engulf Montezuma and San Juan counties and parts of Dolores and La Plata counties.

June 2, 2013--Historic drought fuels season's first wildfire in New Mexico (Denver Post)

A wildfire caused by a downed power line in New Mexico's rugged Pecos wilderness has forced the evacuation of 150 homes and consumed 5,300 acres of forest

May 10, 2013--Drought worsens in New Mexico; no relief in sight (Denver Post)

Major stretches of river have already gone dry, farmers are leaving their land fallow, and cities are clamping down on water use, but things in New Mexico just went from bad to worse Thursday. The latest map from federal forecasters shows exceptional drought has spread from a quarter of New Mexico to nearly 40 percent in just one week.

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