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McElmo Creek Flume

The Montezuma Valley is naturally arid, but by the early 1880s had become a place of great pro

Mussels Moving West of the 100th Meridian

Zebra and quagga mussels are a freshwater shellfish that have spread like an aquatic plague

Endocrine Disruptors

According to a mid-February Huff Post article, it is now recognized that humans can be exposed to endocrine disruptors through drinking water.

CSU Receives $2.2M for Water Quality Efforts

Nutrient pollution is one of America's most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems, and is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorus in waterways.

Water and Power

According to a January KVNF radio report, it takes water to produce electricity, but how much water varies a lot depending on the fuel source and the power generating technology.


As anyone who has heard or seen the news this first quarter of 2014 can tell you, drought topped the list of current event coverage. Allow some of the following headlines to illustrate:

Water shortages: What to expect in the future (February 17, 2014--Arizona Republic)

SWCD Welcomes New Office Manager

Welcome to Laura Spann, the new office manager for the Southwestern Water Conservation District.

Lochhead Recives Aspinall Award

At their annual conference in January the Colorado Water Congress awarded Jim Lochhead, Denver Water CEO/manager, the 2014 Wayne N.

CDWR’s Wolfe Lends Assistance to Jordan

In late 2012, the Colorado Division of Water Resources received an unexpected inquiry from water offi

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