April 5, 2014--Building a resilient water portfolio (National Geographic)

While most water plans have a dominant component, dependence on a single strategy is risky. Climate change, population growth, and other 21st-century challenges can adversely impact regions with few water options. Rather, we should think in terms of a water portfolio.

December 10, 2013--Water ranks high on EPA agenda for 2014 (Water Online)

The EPA has released its agenda for 2014, and water policy figures prominently on the list. "Despite considerable progress, America's waters remain imperiled. Water quality protection programs face complex challenges, from nutrient loadings and stormwater runoff to invasive species and drinking water contaminants.

January 4, 2013--Judge says water is not pollution (Washington Post)

A federal judge has ruled that the Environmental Protect Agency overstepped its authority when it determined that water itself is a pollutant and could not be allowed into various streams. “Stormwater runoff is not a pollutant, so EPA is not authorized to regulate it…,”  wrote the judge, Liam O’Grady.

December 24, 2010--In a region that imports water, much goes to waste (Los Angeles Times)

It is one of the Southland's enduring contradictions. The region that laid pipe across hundreds of miles and tunneled through mountains to import water also built an extensive storm drain system to get rid of rainfall as quickly as possible.

October 3, 2010--Flooded with questions (Durango Herald)

The city has struggled for decades with what to do with thousands of gallons of potentiality toxic stormwater that streams off Durango's northeast quadrant. Stormwater generally is full of pollutants, including metals, solids and oil and gasoline from the roads.

Water Quality and Stormwater Uses (Boulder, CO)

01/08/2010 1:00 pm
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October 16, 2009--EPA vows better effort on water (New York Times)

The Environmental Protection Agency said on Thursday that it would overhaul enforcement of the Clean Water Act, as lawmakers sharply criticized the agency’s decade-long lapses in punishing polluters. At a daylong hearing before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, the E.P.A.

August 12, 2009--Flood impact: City, FEMA disagree (Pueblo Chieftain)

Pueblo is completing its own hydrology report on Wild Horse Dry Creek that shows significantly lower floods during a 100-year flood than earlier federal estimates.

July 29, 2009--Commissioners OK storm-water changes (Durango Herald)

The Durango Planning Commission approved amendments Monday night that will make the city's storm-water regulations more consistent with the state's regulations with a 4-1 vote.

July 23, 2009--San Francisco Baykeeper wins sewage spill prevention settlements (Environmental News Service)

Sewage spills that have contributed to water pollution in San Francisco Bay will be reduced under two settlements reached last week between the nonprofit San Francisco Baykeeper and the Town of Hillsboroug

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