June 12, 2012--Drought Watch: Some Colorado streams at record low flows (Summit Voice)

“Uncharted territory.” “Driest year on record!” “Seeing things that have never occurred before.” These were the headlines and quotes in 2002, the last time we experienced conditions comparable to the current dry spell.

May 28, 2012--Low snowpack has ripple effect on paddling season (Aurora Sentinel)

After a winter of historically low snowpack combined with an earlier-than-normal runoff, Colorado river guides and tourists are adjusting their spring and summer plans for what is turning out to be an early paddling season. “We really live on snowpack.

May 22, 2012--Watersheds (Environmental News Network)

Climate change will affect specific water basins in the U.S. differently, based on the particular hydrologic and geologic conditions in that area.

May 9, 2012--Spring runoff low, but reservoirs high (Vail Daily)

The spring runoff will be the lowest in a decade and maybe the lowest in recorded history, say scientists keeping a wary eye on Colorado's snowpack. Warm weather in April shrank the statewide snowpack from 52 percent of average to just 19 percent, according to the latest statistics from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

May 9. 2012--Key reservoirs unlikely to fill this year (Summit Voice)

Recent forecasts by water experts suggest that stream flows could drop below levels seen in 2002, the last major Colorado drought.

May 2, 2012--Low snowpack sets records (Telluride Daily Planet)

High temperatures and dry weather conditions this spring have left snowpack levels in southwestern Colorado at historic lows. According to data from the Colorado Snow Survey, snowpack levels reported Tuesday for the San Miguel, Dolores, Animas and San Juan river basins were sitting at 29 percent of average. Statewide, the snowpack is at 25 percent of average.

April 6, 2012--Southwest Colorado headed for a drought? (Durango Herald)

The snowpack that Southwest Colorado relies on for water is well below average. A warm spring is bringing a rapid loss of snow, raising the specter of wider drought throughout the state.

April 3, 2012--Warm, dry March creates early snowmelt, runoff (Denver Post)

It's official. The bone-dry March shriveled the state's snowpack to its lowest level ever recorded for early April.

March 12, 2012--Climate: South Platte flows could drop by 40 percent (Summit Voice)

A new study by the Water Research Foundation projects potential climate change impacts to Front Range water supplies for the next few decades, showing that the total amount of water in several key river basins could decline significantly if temperatures continue to rise.

March 8, 2012--Water supply good even as snowpack lags (Summit Daily)

Statewide snowpack is still well behind average, and even further behind last year at the same time, but it's slowly improving, Natural Resource Conservation Service officials say.

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