Mancos Water Conservancy District

Jackson Reservoir aerial photoMancos Water Conservancy District (MWCD)


ADDRESS -- 42599 Road N
Mancos, Colorado 81328
(970) 533-7325


The Mancos Project serves over 13,000 acres of the Mancos Valley and consists of Jackson Gulch Dam and Reservoir. This is an off-river storage project with a feeder canal running 2.6 miles from the West Mancos river and a return canal of 2.2 miles back to the West Mancos river. The Project is located in southwestern Colorado and provides irrigation water for over 13,000 acres along with municipal water for Mesa Verde National park, the Mancos Rural Water Company and the Town of Mancos. A hydroelectric power plant has been added and provides power for approximately 50 homes in the vicinity.


Nearly 65 years ago, the Mancos Project irrigation canal was built, delivering water from Jackson Gulch Dam to residents, farms and businesses in Montezuma County. The Mancos Project is now badly in need or rehabilitation. United States Senators Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar introduced legislation to authorize more than $6 million in federal funding to help pay for the rehabilitation.

Jackson gulch rehabilitation act of 2008 

For more information and/or to answer any questions contact Gary Kennedy at (970) 533-7325 or


The mission of the Mancos Water Conservancy District is to provide irrigation water for over 13,000 acres of agriculture, municipal water for Mesa Verde National park, the Mancos Rural Water Company, and the Town of Mancos.


Board Meetings:

2nd Tuesday each month
7:00 P.M.

District office

Board of Directors include:

Kenneth Smith , President (through July 2014)
Steve Davis, Vice President (through July 2014)
Victor Bruce, Secretary (through July 2014) 

Dee Graf, Board Member (through July 2014)
Boe Hawkins, Board Member (through July 2014) 

Gary Kennedy, Superintendent