Mancos Water Conservancy District

Mancos Water Conservancy District (MWCD)

ADDRESS -- 42599 Road N
Mancos, Colorado 81328
(970) 533-7325
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The Mancos Project serves over 13,000 acres of the Mancos Valley and consists of Jackson Gulch Dam and Reservoir. This is an off-river storage project with a feeder canal running 2.6 miles from the West Mancos river and a return canal of 2.2 miles back to the West Mancos river. The Project is located in southwestern Colorado and provides irrigation water for over 13,000 acres along with municipal water for Mesa Verde National park, the Mancos Rural Water Company and the Town of Mancos. A hydroelectric power plant has been added and provides power for approximately 50 homes in the vicinity.

MWCD Finishes Canal-Lining Project

The Mancos Water Conservancy District (MWCD) finished lining the Jackson Lake canal, which is no longer in danger of crumbling into a canyon. The life expectancy of the canal is now about 50 years after $3.9 million in improvements. The canal, built in the 1940s, winds its way for several miles along the edge of a mountain by way of closed pipes, box flumes and open canal, and provides water to about 250 irrigators and storage for the town of Mancos. The canal is capable of carrying 258 cubic feet per second during runoff. Based on snowpack this spring, MWCD Superintendent Gary Kennedy is hopeful the canal may fill the reservoir to 70 percent of capacity. The design work for the rehabilitation project started in 2003, and the MWCD focused on the areas of the canal that were at risk. Congratulations MWCD on much hard work, perseverance, and a job well done!

MWCD Considers Jackson Gulch Reservoir Ownership

The Mancos Water Conservancy District (MWCD) is looking into the process of taking ownership of the Jackson Gulch Reservoir, the canal, and all the associated land from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (BOR). "It may be slow and hard and cumbersome," said James Hess, BOR's title transfer coordinator. He said transfers of ownership can take several years and some negotiations have stretched for 15 years or more depending on the complexity of the project.


The mission of the Mancos Water Conservancy District is to provide irrigation water for over 13,000 acres of agriculture, municipal water for Mesa Verde National park, the Mancos Rural Water Company, and the Town of Mancos.


Board Meetings:

2nd Tuesday each month
7:00 P.M.

Board of Directors:

FOR  2015-2016

Stephen Davis, President
Scotty Cox, Vice President
Boe Hawkins, Secretary
Victor Bruce, Board Member
Kenneth Smith, Board Member

Gary Kennedy, Superintendent