July 27, 2014--How Southern Nevada could turn water deficiency into economic boon (Las Vegas Sun)

On a ribbon of road two miles beyond Henderson, at the base of the mountains leading to Lake Mead, scientists peer through microscopes searching samples of water for microbes and chemicals. They’re looking for new ways to clean and conserve water. In the process, they’re also helping to spawn an industry to power Las Vegas’ economy.

June 27, 2014--California may only have two years of water, other states not far behind (Water Online)

Each drought-afflicted state is unhappy in its own way. Just ask federal meteorologist Brad Rippey, who outlined the difficulties of U.S. water scarcity in a recent interview published by 24/7 Wall St.

June 13, 2014--Last straw: How the fortunes of Las Vegas will rise or fall with Lake Mead (Popular Science)

The bathtub ring can be seen for miles. The 120-foot-high band of rock, bleached nearly white by mineral-rich water, circles the shoreline of Lake Mead. Water levels have dropped by almost 100 feet in the past decade, and the ring has emerged as a stark reminder of the drought enveloping the American Southwest.

May 24, 2014--Seven states running out of water (Thinkstock)

The United States is currently engulfed in one of the worst droughts in recent memory. More than 30% of the country experienced at least moderate drought as of last week’s data. In seven states drought conditions were so severe that each had more than half of its land area in severe drought.

May 18, 2014--Is groundwater depletion in the Central Valley causing the Sierra Nevada to grow faster? (Summit Voice)

After crunching the numbers from a global earth-monitoring network, University of Nevada, Reno scientists say rapid depletion of groundwater in California’s Central Valley is accelerating uplift of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The draining of the aquifer causes upward flexing of the earth’s surface, including the surrounding mountains.

April 30, 2014--What will Lake Mead look like In 20 years? (Nevada Public Radio)

Southern Nevada water officials say Las Vegas uses only 80 percent of its Colorado River allotment and is banking the rest for the future. But critics argue that if Sin City taps all of its entitled water, it still wouldn't be enough to meet its long-term needs.

April 29, 2014--Nevada River Basin drying up (Water Online)

California is not the only state struggling with extreme drought conditions. The dry spell is so bad in Nevada that the federal watermaster Jim Shaw recently remarked, "I hope to God I never see another year like this as long as I'm around," the Reno Gazette-Journal reported. Nevada's drought amounts to "a tragedy unfolding in slow motion," accor

March 24, 2014--Texas and Nevada join drought-plagued California (24/7 Wall Street)

Drought is so severe in some parts of California that scientists have observed that conditions may not significantly improve for decades. The problem’s worst effects reach across the state’s inland valleys, which are agriculture rich and therefore can least afford a prolonged lack of water. Many of the cities in this area have among the highest unemployment in the United States.

March 2, 2014--California will tap its water bank, even as Mead shrinks (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Punishing drought in California could force that state to make a sizable withdrawal from a virtual water bank in Lake Mead this year, even as the reservoir shrinks closer to an all-time low and an unprecedented shortage declaration.

February 12, 2014--Las Vegas water pipeline plan challenged over rural impact (Bloomberg Businessweek)

A Las Vegas water pipeline project from eastern Nevada that won U.S. government approval was challenged in court by environmental groups that said that it will deplete rural groundwater supplies.

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