November 17, 2012--U.S., Mexico to share pain of Colorado River drought (Durango Herald)

Government officials from the United States and Mexico have set a Tuesday date in San Diego to sign a landmark agreement to share Colorado River water during times of drought and surplus. A time and place for the announcement weren’t immediately made public. But International Boundary and Water Commission official Gustavo Ramirez on Friday confirmed the day and place.

November 10, 2012--US, Mexico close to Colorado River water use pact (Denver Post)

Government leaders in the United States and Mexico are close to signing a pact to add areas south of the border to Colorado River water sharing agreements involving seven Western U

August 24, 2012--The Colorado River Compact; Will the Lower Basin ‘call' the river? (Grand Junction Free Press)

The Colorado River Compact, signed on Nov. 14, 1922, is a compact among the seven Colorado River Basin states and the U.S. that apportions the use of Colorado River water.

April 17, 2012--Drought sparks dispute between Texas, Mexico over release of Rio Grande water to farmers (Washington Post)

Texas officials have made clear with a strong rebuke of the decision to release the spring’s first Rio Grande waters to Mexican farmers that every drop will be monitored as both sides of the border suffer through a historic drought. Mexico wanted a traditional early release from reservoirs so spring planting in the Juarez Valley wouldn’t be delayed.

April 10, 2012--Salazar: Protect planet while using resources (Denver Post)

It's important to protect the planet as we use its resources, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday night at a conference where he spoke on the Colorado River but also took a

February 15, 2012--Mexico oil watchdog sounds alarm (Wall Street Journal)

Mexico's oil regulator is sounding an alarm over plans by the country's state oil monopoly to drill two ultra-deep-water wells near U.S. waters this year, saying neither the company nor his commission is prepared to handle a serious accident or oil spill there.

February 15, 2012--Where the Colorado runs dry (New York Times)

Most visitors to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon probably don’t realize that the mighty Colorado River, America’s most legendary white-water river, rarely reaches the sea.

October 30, 2011--Back-to-back dry years worry NM water officials (Denver Post)

Everyone in New Mexico knows about the drought—from the farmers and ranchers who live on the plains to ditch riders in the Rio Grande Valley and backyard gardeners in the

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