March 6, 2014--Water, water everywhere but where it’s wanted (Kansas City Star)

In 1982, the Army Corps of Engineers released a study of what, even then, seemed like a wacky idea — take billions of gallons of water from the Missouri River each year and pump it hundreds of miles to parched farms across central and western Kansas. The project would start at White Cloud Lake, an imagined 13,000-acre reservoir to be built near the Missouri-Kansas-Nebraska border.

February 26, 2014--Water declining in western Kansas (Hutchinson News)

Clay Scott is fighting dust. The western Kansas landscape is thirsty. Yet little relief has fallen from the sky. “We’re fighting the drought,” the Grant County farmer said, adding that the little residue he had on his fields is nearly gone.

February 6, 2014--Colorado augmentation project begins pumping (Imperial Republican)

With the go-ahead from Kansas, Colorado began pumping water from their northeast Colorado augmentation project. The Compact Compliance Pipeline (CCP) started delivering water to the North Fork of the Republican River on Friday, Jan. 17, according to Deb Daniel, manager of the Republican River Water Conservation District (RRWCD) in Wray, Colo.

December 20, 2013--Colorado ahead on interstate water deliveries (Pueblo Chieftain)

John Martin Reservoir was created in 1948 for flood control and to divide the water of the Arkansas River between Kansas and Colorado. Congress approved the Arkansas River Compact in 1949, after the two states signed it in 1948. It is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

December 15, 2013--Nebraska makes compact call for 2014 (Yuma Pioneer)

Based on the lack of surface water available for delivery in the Republican River Basin in 2014, the Department of Natural Resources has declared 2014 as a compact call year. DNR is forecasting that 2014 wil

December 6, 2013--Colorado gets ruling on its arbitration with Kansas (Imperial Republican)

Colorado will have to negotiate further with Kansas, or go to the next level in the court system, before it can realize the benefits of its decisions to build an augmentation pipeline and drain Bonny Reservoir, in relation to the Republican River Compact.

November 7, 2013--Water conservation takes center stage in Kansas, Texas (Cattle Network)

At the second annual Governor’s Conference on the Future of Water in Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback called on the Kansas Water Office, Kansas Department of Agriculture and Kansas Water Authority to join forces with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism an

August 27, 2013--Kan. crops face water questions as aquifer levels fall (USA Today)

What's the matter with Kansas? The farm state is running out of water over the long term, reports a water study released Monday, which found its aquifer could be 70% depleted by 2060.

April 3, 2013--Nebraska orders Republican River water release (Denver Post)

A Nebraska irrigation district official worries that his area's next corn crop has been jeopardized by a state order to tap reservoirs so Nebraska can send enough water downriver t

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