In The News

January 14, 2015--Now is the time for national water resource policy (Huff Post)

Water is our most precious natural resource and, yet, we abuse it and fail to effectively manage it. The Center for Neighborhood Technology, a not-for-profit organization based in Chicago that focuses on sustainable cities, estimates that the loss of water from our municipal distribution systems approaches 2.1 trillion gallons per year.

January 14, 2015--McPhee at risk for invasive species (Dolores Star)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the U.S. Forest Service, the Dolores Water Conservancy District, and local municipalities all have a common enemy - the invasive zebra and quagga mussel species.

January 13, 2015--Rio Grande now largest source of ABQ water (Albuquerque Journal)

Albuquerque’s effort to wean itself from unsustainable groundwater pumping took a major step forward in 2014, with Rio Grande water for the first time in history meeting more than half the needs of the metro area’s largest water utility.

January 13, 2015---This creek divides the US connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (U.S. Forest Service)

The Panama Canal is not the only water line connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There's a place in Wyoming—deep in the Teton Wilderness Area of the Bridger-Teton National Forest—in which a creek splits in two. Like the canal,this creek connects the two oceans dividing North America in two parts. Yes.

January 12, 2015--Small communities get grants for water, wastewater projects (Denver Post)

The state has awarded $9.5 million in grants for 15 drinking water and wastewater systems in small communities. The Department of Public Health Environment announced Friday the grants are for planning, designing or building systems.