In The News

November 7, 2014-- Nestlé Water Plant's Impact On Sacramento's Supply (Capital Public Radio)

A Nestle Waters North America bottling plant has operated in South Sacramento since 2010.

November 7, 2014-- Bear Creek Court development scrutinized by Town Council (Telluride Daily Planet)

Telluride Town Council considered but ultimately rejected the appeal of a proposed development at the entrance of Bear Creek Trail on Thursday. Residents adjacent to the property raised concerns over water drainage, wetland impact and appropriateness of the project’s mass and scale.

November 6, 2014-- Treated Human Waste as Fertilizer? (KCET)

When Angelenos flush their toilets, where does all that waste go? Sewage sludge accumulated by more than four million residents in Los Angeles is extracted and treated at the Hyperion Treatment Plant, the city's largest and oldest wastewater treatment facility. There, human waste is processed and treated over the span of two weeks.

November 6, 2014-- Climate change is disrupting flower pollination, research shows (The Guardian)

Sexual deceit, pressed flowers and Victorian bee collectors are combined in new scientific research which demonstrates for the first time that climate change threatens flower pollination, which underpins much of the world’s food production.

November 6, 2014-- Cemetery district offers its take on water issues (Delta County Independent)

After the Cedaredge Cemetery Board met last week to review a new water sharing agreement with the Town of Cedaredge, board members Mike Street and LeRoy Black shared their thoughts on the agreement and the process.  They said the last two years of disagreement with Cedaredge over water use has been pointless; that it was created by the town’s unreasonable demands; and that the writte