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January 13, 2016--Global warming meltdown in the Colorado Rockies? (Beacon Reader)

Long-term data from a monitoring station high in the Colorado Rockies is showing remarkable signs of climate change, according to new findings published a special issue of the journal Plant Ecology and Diversity. The research, conducted west of Boulder, along Niwot Ridge and Green Lakes Valley, shows that the only glacier in the area has been thinning by about three feet per

January 12, 2016--California drought: How will we know when it's over? (Mercury News)

Now that 2016 has gotten off to a wet start, with a series of El Niño storms drenching California in recent days, the question is turning up with increasing frequency at dinner parties and coffee shops:  "How will we know when the drought is over?" The answer, water experts say, is more complicated than you'd think. Simply put: The drought could end this year

January 11, 2016--Department of the Interior proposes adaptive management framework for Glen Canyon Dam (St. George News)

The U.S. Department of the Interior released a proposed framework Friday for adaptively managing Glen Canyon Dam over the next 20 years with the goal of creating certainty and predictability for power and water users while protecting environmental and cultural resources in Grand Canyon National Park and the Colorado River ecosystem.

January 10, 2016--Dolores River documentary premieres in Dolores (Cortez Journal)

A new documentary, “River of Sorrows: The Dolores Rivier Project,” has just been released. The Dolores River Boating Advocates (DRBA) was awarded a $12,000 grant from Patagonia for the River of Sorrows documentary, and Rig to Flip was hired for the job. In 2015, film crews traveled the Dolores from its headwaters at Lizard Head Pass to its confluence with the Colora

January 9, 2016--How the feds can ensure Western states get more water in 2016 (High Country News)

This summer, as California was struggling through its fourth and most severe year of drought, two California Congressmen unveiled legislation meant to ease the pain. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) and Rep. David Valadao (R) introduced, respectively, the California Emergency Drought Relief Act of 2015 and the Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015.