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June 23, 2016--New Mexico sues Colorado over Gold King Mine spill (Durango Herald)

New Mexico is suing the state of Colorado, saying its northern neighbor should be held responsible for the contamination from a massive mine waste spill last year as well as decades of toxic drainage from mines near the headwaters of a shared river. The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office and the state Environment Department announced late Wednesday that they fil

June 22, 2016--How Arizona fends off threats to its water (Cortez Journal)

In 1980, Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt helped a water revolution blossom amid the state’s unnaturally verdant lawns by signing the Groundwater Management Act, which mandated that communities pump no more water from aquifers than they put back in.

June 21, 2016--Study finds surprising source of Colorado River water supply (Cortez Journal)

Every spring, snow begins to melt throughout the Rocky Mountains, flowing down from high peaks and into the streams and rivers that form the mighty Colorado River Basin, sustaining entire cities and ecosystems from Wyoming to Arizona.

June 20, 2016--Lake Powell on upward trend despite extra water released for Lake Mead (Lake Powell News)

Runoff on the Colorado River this past week has pushed Lake Powell to its highest level in four years. When the runoff ends in early July, the lake will be near 3,620 feet above mean sea level (msl). Even though runoff in 2016 was slightly below normal it was enough to boost Lake Powell 30 feet from the spring low in April.