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October 8, 2015--Latest EPA mine spill raises new questions (Durango Herald)

News Thursday that the Environmental Protection Agency was responsible for another mine spill, this time near Crested Butte, came with a quick political punch. But the Standard Mine spill, which occurred at a Superfund site, is greatly different than the Aug.

October 7, 2015--Sewer plant will stay at Santa Rita Park (Durango Herald)

After months of contentious meetings, the Durango City Council Tuesday decided to remodel the sewer plant in Santa Rita Park. Councilors unanimously approved, minutes before midnight, a resolution outlining the intent to remodel the sewer plant for about $58 million, after hearing passionate opposition to an alternate site downstream near Animas Surgical Hospital. The decision

October 6, 2015--Sewer hurdles rising higher (Durango Herald)

The alternative site where the sewage-treatment plant could be rebuilt across from Mercury has some major flaws. The Durango Utilities Commission and members of the public pointed out some of the problems Monday after the release of a new report on the site by Mulhern MRE, a city consultant. Although the utilities commission did not make a recommendation on the site near Sawmil

October 6, 2015--How does Durango get its water? (Durango Herald)

When the river ran orange with mine waste in August, city taps still flowed with clean, usable water. To make sure Durango will have drinking water in a future emergency and to serve eventual growth, city officials would like to build a new $50 million Ridges Basin Water Treatment Plant below Lake Nighthorse. “It gives the city such great flexibility that it doesn’t

October 5, 2015--Event encourages North Americans to imagine a day without water (Water and Wastewater Digest)

From Oct. 6 to 8, 2015, organizations across North America will encourage everyone to “Imagine a Day Without Water.” The event, sponsored by the Value of Water Coalition, will emphasize the importance of water for our homes, businesses and environment, highlighting the need to care for our water infrastructure. American Water Works Assn.