January 10, 2015--A think tank for the Colorado River’s future (Water Currents)

Have you ever been in a work meeting or a classroom when you realize that you – and probably everyone else in the room – seemed to be talking at cross purposes and had lost track of the problem you were trying to solve.

January 5, 2015--We have made our planet. Now we must try to live on it (Huff Post)

Ever since humans emerged onto the wild savannah, we have modified our environment -- burning our way through forest, cutting necklaces of rice into mountains, shifting rivers, hunting to disappearance the biggest animals and taming many others, digging rock and mud to grow magnificent cities where living structures once stood.

December 31, 2014--Planning for population growth and water scarcity in the West (Colorado Springs Independent)

'We are booming," says Jorge Figueroa, water policy analyst for Western Resource Advocates. In population, that is. But there's a problem: "You can't have growth if you don't have water." According to a 2014 Colorado Department of Local Affairs report, Colorado is expected to see an additional 2.5 million people by 2040.

December 30, 2014--As water demand slows, utilities seek new solutions (High Country News)

As a fifteenth year of drought persists in several Western states, cities like Las Vegas and Denver are contemplating costly new dams and pipelines to meet water demand. Those projects come from a brand of old solutions, ones that shaped the Western U.S., allowing cities to spread across dry plains and sandy deserts.

December 28, 2014--Nevada — the driest state — has no statewide water plan (Reno Gazette Journal)

Nevada is suffering from a debilitating drought, experiencing the impacts of a warming climate and, some say, is deficient when it comes to long-term water planning for the state as a whole.

December 26, 2014--Drought, population pressures cause Rio Grande basin groundwater drop (Albuquerque First)

The Upper Rio Grande Basin has been struggling with drought for most of the past decade, forcing cities and farmers from southern Colorado to Texas' Hudspeth County to pump water from the ground to make up for the lack of snow and rain, according to an Associated Press report in the Santa Fe New Mexican

December 23, 2014--Global warming will cut wheat yields, research shows (Guardian)

Global wheat yields are likely to fall significantly as climate change takes hold, new research has shown. The researchers found that wheat production would fall by 6% for every 1C increase in temperatures.

December 20, 2014--Can a Water Plan Actually Work? (Denver Magazine)

On a bright Friday morning in September, James Eklund, executive director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, is dressed in a gray suit and a pink shirt to deliver his pitch to the men and women of the Public Affairs Council of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, across town from his office.

December 15, 2014--Climate deal would commit every nation to limiting emissions (New York Times)

 Negotiators from around the globe reached a climate change agreement early Sunday that would, for the first time in history, commit every nation to reducing its rate of greenhouse gas emissions — yet would still fall far short of what is needed to stave off the dangerous and costly early impact of global warming.

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