November 20, 2013--Will the farm bill leave private lands conservation behind? (High Country News)

Right now, following the farm bill’s progress seems a lot like watching corn grow. The bill is due for reauthorization and the senators and representatives charged with finding a compromise are under pressure to make progress before Thanksgiving.

November 19, 2013--Will efforts to manage our water issues today prepare us for the future? (Grand Junction Free Press)

Is the Central Arizona Project, a 336-mile long system of canals, pipes and pumping stations that carries water from the Colorado River to farms and cities all the way to the southeastern corner of the state, destined to be the world’s longest skateboard park?

November 18, 2013--Can planners stop drought harming the tourist dollar? (Environmental Research Web)

In many regions tourism and recreation contribute massively to the economy, but there’s been little study of how drought can affect them. Now a team from the US has developed a new framework for minimizing the vulnerability of these sectors to drought.

November 18, 2013--NM's water picture is grim (Albuquerque Journal)

Has New Mexico passed it's peak water? Water for household use peaked in 1995 and has been declining ever since, according to state data. Farm irrigation, which makes up the bulk of the state's water use, has been declining since the 1970s.

November 14, 2013--New study: Dust, warming portend dry future for the Colorado River (University of Colorado Boulder)

Reducing the amount of desert dust swept onto snowy Rocky Mountain peaks could help Western water managers deal with the challenges of a warmer future, according to a new study led by researchers at NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado Boulder

November 13, 2013--Americans back greenhouse gas cuts from power plants - and what's up with Utah? (USA Today)

The vast majority of Americans in each of 40-plus states surveyed say global warming is real, serious and man-made, and the concerns tend to be slightly higher in coastal or drought-stricken areas, says an analysis out today. 

November 12, 2013--Interior Sec. cites need to conserve water, points to Colorado River threats (Tuscon Sentinel)

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell cited the Colorado River and Lake Mead as examples of the water conservation problems that she called one of the top issues facing her department. And that problem will only get worse as climate change creates more extreme droughts in the Southwest, Jewel

November 12, 2013--Report on climate change depicts a planet in peril (Los Angeles Times)

Climate change will disrupt not only the natural world but also society, posing risks to the world's economy and the food and water supply and contributing to violent conflict, an international panel of scientists says. The warnings came in a report drafted by the United Nations-backed

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