March 1, 2013--Snow survey confirms driest Jan., Feb. on record (Denver Post)

It's official, and it's not good news for thirsty Californians: January and February have been the driest on record. The monthly snow survey, anticipated by farmers and municipalities who depend on snowmelt to supplement water supplies, showed Thursday what everyone has known: despite a few good dumps the state hasn't received the kind of major storms needed to ease water managers' worries.

February 28, 2013--Snow-short story seriously scary (Durango Telegraph)

Apprehension continues to grow in Colorado as snowfall, although improving, remains far below average. Coming on top of severe drought last year, water managers and fire marshals fear a hot, dry summer ahead.

February 22, 2013--Colo. looks 'dismal' for spring snow pack, reservoir storage (Boulder Daily Camera)

Colorado faces a "pretty dismal" outlook in terms of snow pack and reservoir storage over the next three months, according to one of the presenters Thursday participating in the National Drought Early Warning Outlook in Washington, D.C.

February 22, 2013--Drought forecast to linger, spread in Plains, West (Denver Post)

Climate experts say the drought affecting more than half of the nation will persist in the Great Plains and West through the spring and spread over more of California, Texas and Fl

February 20, 2013--Drought water problems require new thinking (Coloradoan)

While history shows that droughts end eventually, the underlying problem of water scarcity in Colorado is worrisome. Studies show that our demands are outstripping supplies, even in normal years, and something must change if we are to adapt successfully. Water scarcity is a worldwide issue due to climate change, population growth and rising aspirations.

February 19, 2013--Top mayors show support for $2B water measure (Denver Post)

The mayors of Houston, Dallas and Austin told lawmakers on Tuesday that they support a proposed $2 billion fund to finance water projects across the state and would like to see les

February 18, 2013--Is it time for a national climate summit? (Summit Voice)

Citing damage from intense storms like Sandy, more intense and frequent wildfires and prolonged droughts, a coalition of national groups, including the American Meteorological Society and the American Fisheries Society, are calling for a national, science-based climate summit. In a Feb.

February 16, 2013--Research suggests last summer’s heat wave is likely to result in another wave of aspen mortality (Summit Voice)

Colorado’s aspens could take another big hit in the next few years as the after-effects of last summer’s heat wave take a toll on the state’s iconic trees. Recent research suggests that aspens damaged in previous droughts are more likely to die during subsequent heat waves.

February 16, 2013--Udall, others introduce bill to reauthorize drought info program (Greeley Tribune)

Five U.S. senators — including Mark Udall, D-Colo. — introduced bipartisan legislation this week to reauthorize the National Integrated Drought Information System. The system, a function of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, provides drought information to farmers, ranchers and other industries affected by weather conditions, according to the supporting senators.

February 13, 2013--CIA-funded Harvard study outlines climate change threats (Summit Voice)

 A new Harvard report finds that the early ramifications of climate extremes resulting from climate change are already a reality and will continue to be felt over the next decade, directly impacting U.S. national security interests.

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