September 22, 2013--With lakes drying up, businesses are parched (New York Times)

Central Texas lakes are at their lowest levels in more than 60 years, despite heavy rains in the recent days, and Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan, the reservoirs northwest of Austin that supply water to the region, now stand at just 33 percent full.

September 21, 2013--Winter snow, not summer rain, defines a drought (Colorado Springs Gazette)

Although recent storms have dumped enough water on some areas of Colorado to set off major flooding, the state is still a long way from escaping lingering drought. "There will be some improvement across the area, but we are still well below norma

September 20, 2013--Las Vegas water chief seeks disaster aid for Colorado River drought (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The Colorado River is locked in the grips of a slow-moving natural disaster, and Southern Nevada Water Authority chief Pat Mulroy thinks the time has come for some federal disaster aid. “This is as much an extreme weather event as Sandy was on the East Coast,” she said, referring to the deadly and destructive storm that hit the United States in fall 2012.

September 20, 2013--Massive rainfall alleviates drought (ourcoloradonews.com)

For the past few years the state has been in a drought and the last two summers it has experienced devastating wild land fires and record breaking temperatures. But that drought came to an end in a matter of days for parts of Colorado as rain pummeled the Front Range causing devastating flash flooding in 17 counties.

September 20, 2013--Colorado River hydropower faces a dry future (IEEE Spectrum)

Last year, the Hoover Dam hydroelectric plant installed the first of five wide-head turbines. These are designed to work efficiently even as the Colorado River shrinks under a record-long drought. The dry spell affecting the dam’s power source has outlasted any other in the 77 years that the structure has generated electricity.

September 17, 2013--Recent rains don’t diminish worries about water supplies (Produce News)

Monsoonal flows, which began in July, were well-received by Colorado residents and agricultural producers.

September 15, 2013--Severe flooding in Colorado linked to global warming (Environmental News Network)

According to local meteorologists, what happened in Colorado was made worse by climate change. How? To find the connection, we have to look back at the opposite of wet — the very, very dry weather that's become all too common in the Centennial State.

September 12, 2013--More than half of USA in a drought (USA Today)

Drought covers more than half of the country and is at its largest percentage since early April, according to this week's U.S. Drought Monitor, a weekly federal website. As of Tuesday, 50.7% of the contiguous USA is in a drought.

September 8, 2013--America is still running out of fresh water (National Journal)

The United States is running out of fresh water. Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., reminded the public of that at a conference Thursday in Albuquerque, N.M. Udall, who voted no to a resolution authorizing U.S. military intervention that ultimately passed, wants the country to focus on such domestic issues.

September 7, 2013--Planning for drought while in one: Colorado is a model for the region (High Country News)

In the spring of 2002, Colorado temperatures were averaging four degrees above normal. Snowpack began disappearing at an alarming rate, and rain was scant. Then the fires started. The Hayman Fire, 215 square miles northwest of Denver, tore through nearly $200 million in firefighting costs alone.

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