November 25, 2012--Holding down the cost of fires in the West (Denver Post)

The struggle of American settlers to overcome the occasional ravages of Mother Nature — floods, hurricanes, wildfires, and other massive natural events — is an end

November 24, 2012--Forests worldwide near tipping-point from drought (Environmental News Network)

Forests worldwide are at "equally high risk" to die-off from drought conditions, warns a new study published this week in the journal Nature. The study, conducted by an international team of scientists, assessed the specific physiological effects of drought on 226 tree species at 81 sites in different biomes around the world.

November 21, 2012--Colorado: More water woes ahead? (Summit Voice)

Colorado could be in for another dry winter, but at this point, the state’s water providers have not revealed any specific plans to respond to continued drought. Even after hearing a gloomy outlook on winter precipitation, big municipal utilities said they’re in a wait-and-see mode — and hoping for snow. But there’s no reason to expect a particularly snowy pattern.

November 21, 2012--U.S., Mexico sign pact on sharing water from Colorado River (Denver Post)

The United States and Mexico on Tuesday signed a pact for new rules on sharing water from the Colorado River, capping a five-year effort on how to spread the pain of drought a

November 20, 2012--Ag in eye of storm over climate policy (La Junta Tribune)

It’s too early to know how environmental policy will be influenced by the recent elections or whether the heat and drought of the last two years are part of a long-term global warming trend that can be mitigated by changes in human behavior.

November 19, 2012--World Bank sounds alarm on ‘cataclysmic’ climate change (Environmental News Service)

Time is running out to avoid devastating climate change, finds a new report commissioned by the World Bank and reviewed by some of the world’s top scientists.

November 17, 2012--U.S., Mexico to share pain of Colorado River drought (Durango Herald)

Government officials from the United States and Mexico have set a Tuesday date in San Diego to sign a landmark agreement to share Colorado River water during times of drought and surplus. A time and place for the announcement weren’t immediately made public. But International Boundary and Water Commission official Gustavo Ramirez on Friday confirmed the day and place.

November 17, 2012--Warmer, drier winter predicted, says NOAA (Fairplay Flume)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a warmer- and drier-than-average winter for 2012-2013 after the El Niño weather pattern didn’t develop as predicted. When El Niño is present, warm water in the Pacific Ocean causes a shift in tropical weather patterns, which in turn affects the jet stream over the United States.

November 17, 2012--Global drought changed little last 60 years: a problem for global warming predictions? (Washington Post)

One of the worst droughts in U.S. history continues to plague about 60 percent of the country. Said drought may carry a $77 billion price tag according to a Purdue University estimate. An oft-referred to global warming projection is an increase in the frequency and intensity of droughts.

November 16, 2012--Train wreck coming on the Colorado River? (Grand Junction Free Press)

A heavy train is moving at 5 miles per hour toward… a cliff? A collision? And how far away might this unknown calamity be? These were the images and questions I was left with at the Upper Colorado River Basin Water Conference hosted by the Water Center at Colorado Mesa University Nov. 8-9. I deeply appreciate the fact that our presenters used such colorful language!

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