August 12, 2012--Hundred-year forecast: Drought (New York Times)

By many measurements, this summer’s drought is one for the record books. But so was last year’s drought in the South Central states. And it has been only a decade since an extreme five-year drought hit the American West.

August 4, 2012--Drought relief limited by federal budget (Fort Morgan Times)

About six weeks ago, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack started talking to his agencies about what could be done, in expectation that the situation would continue, John Berge, acting deputy administrator for Farm Service Agency field operations said. Every mountain range had reduced water flows, and the situation was worsening. "We just knew that we would be water short," Berge said.

July 28, 2012--New efforts announced to assist farmers, ranchers impacted by drought (La Junta Ag Journal)

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on July 23 announced new flexibility and assistance in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s major conservation programs to get much-needed help to livestock producers as the most wide-spread drought in seven decades intensifies in the United States.

July 20, 2012--Southwestern drought, in fact and film (New York Times)

Like the actors in “A Chorus Line,” different regions of the United States have had their moments in the spotlight as droughts gave them stories to tell. Last year it was the Deep South and especially Texas and Oklahoma.

July 20, 2012--First drought, now pests are descending on parched Colorado farms (Denver Post)

Colorado farmers already plagued by a debilitating drought are now fighting the arrival of crop-eating insects who like the hot, dry weather that has settled over the state an

July 18, 2012--How droughts will reshape the United States (Washington Post)

More than half of the continental United States is currently suffering through the worst drought in 50 years, with heat and a lack of rain rippling through the middle of the country. Crops are wilting, soils are cracked, and some dried-out forests are catching fire. U.S. corn production in particular is dwindling. So is this a glimpse at our hotter, drier future? It might be.

July 13, 2012--Nearly two-thirds of the USA is in a drought (USA Today)

Almost two-thirds of the nation -- around 61% -- is now in a drought, the highest percentage in at least 12 years, federal climate scientists announced today.

July 13, 2012--Drought disaster in Colorado (The Fence Post)

The current wide spread drought is starting to take its toll, as hot weather and little precipitation wreck havoc on dryland crops across the state. The stress is being received at a crucial time, and could affect the production of the crops. On July 12, the USDA declared 1,016 counties in 26 states disaster-areas, the biggest declaration in USDA history.

July 12, 2012--Progress on new Telluride water system continues, legal issues remain (Telluride Watch)

Despite a few legal obstacles that remain, progress toward completion of the long envisioned Pandora Water Treatment Plant Project, which would dramatically augment

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