June 4, 2014--Droughts may bring benefits to Colorado (Durango Herald)

Growing demand from dairies and the droughts in California and Texas may spur demand for local alfalfa. “I think we are looking at, if not a stable, a rising market for alfalfa,” said Terry Frankhauser, executive vice president of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association.

June 3, 2014--Thieves target California water supply (Water Online)

The California drought has given rise to an unusual sort of crime: water theft. "It's amazingly easy to steal water from a California stream. Even in this epic drought, the state has no way of monitoring exactly who is tapping into its freshwater supplies and how much they take," the Fresno Bee reported. Water theft comes in many shapes and sizes.

June 2, 2014--Will a desalination plant provide California a drought-proof water supply? (McClatchy News)

On sunny afternoons, a stretch of beach 35 miles north of San Diego offers a classic Southern California backdrop: joggers, palm trees and surfers, flanked by waves rolling in and pelicans soaring overhead.

June 1, 2014--Drought brings California gold prospectors back to life (Los Angeles Times)

Across California, the drought has reduced the flow of rivers and creeks to the point that a new wave of gold prospectors is gaining access to spots that haven't been reached in decades. The prospectors are well aware of the pain the drought has brought their state.

May 30, 2014--State orders users to stop pumping from streams (Associated Press)

For the first time in nearly 40 years, drought-stricken California has ordered more than 2,600 water agencies and users in the Sacramento Valley to stop pumping water from streams. The Sacramento Bee reports Friday that the State Water Resources Control Board imposed the curtailment notice this week.

May 29, 2014--College has system to extract water from manure (Associated Press)

A technology for extracting drinkable water from manure is on its way to commercial application this year, Michigan State University said Thursday, May 29, 2014. The McLanahan Nutrient Separation System is an add-on to an anaerobic digester, which extracts energy and chemicals from manure.

May 29, 2014--Can the state water plan bridge the gap? (Summit Voice)

When Colorado’s earth cracked open in the great drought of 2002, it may have also cracked open a new corner of consciousness about the finite nature of the state’s water supplies. Spurred by the drought, Gov.

May 27, 2014--California's flawed water system allows 4,000 to thrive while others conserve (Daily Camera)

Call them the fortunate ones: Nearly 4,000 California companies, farms and others are allowed to use free water with little oversight when the state is so bone dry that deliveries to nearly everyone else have been severely slashed. Their special status dates back to claims made more than a century ago when water was plentiful.

May 25, 2014--Droughts affect 30% of the country; What it means for our food supply (Medical Daily)

The entire state of California is in a severe drought, and six other states are also at risk. As of now, more than 30 percent of the United States is experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent history.

May 25, 2014--Drought diminishes hydroelectric power in Texas as river authorities restrict release of water (Associated Press)

Hydroelectric power in Texas has all but dried up as the state's drought continues, according to a statewide review of generation sources. The amount of hydropower generated across Texas dropped 24 percent from 2012 to 2013, the Austin American-Statesman reported.

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