November 20, 2014--Water plan OK’d but talking will continue (Mountain Town News)

Russ George spoke with the pride of a new father, and in a sense he was. The Colorado Water Conservation Board, of which George is a member, had just heard comments on the statewide water plan. Several speakers called for improvements. Conservation goals could be more ambitious.

November 19, 2014--Guv to see water plan (Durango Herald)

The Colorado Water Conservation Board today sent to Gov. John Hickenlooper a draft water plan that aims to shape the future of the precious resource in Colorado. The board met at the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District in Berthoud.

November 18, 2014--Conservation Board to look at draft water plan (Aspen Times)

A nearly final draft of the Colorado Water Plan, which cites demand for new water projects, is on the agenda Wednesday for approval by the Colorado Water Conservation Board at a meeting in Berthoud. In May of 2013, Gov. Hickenlooper called for a draft statewide water supply plan to be his desk by Dec. 10, which is three weeks from Wednesday.

November 15, 2014--Colorado’s Ag head is hanging his hat (Durango Herald)

Colorado Agriculture Commissioner John Salazar is retiring at the end of the year to get back to what he knows best.

November 14, 2014--Panel passes Hermosa Creek bill (Durango Herald)

The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources approved the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act with language that more faithfully follows the original language in the bill developed by community stakeholders. The Senate amendment clarified language in the House version that Rep.

November 13, 2014--Lightning strikes will increase due to climate change--Pay attention Colorado (The Guardian)

Lightning will strike far more frequently in a world under climate change – but researchers can still not predict exactly where or when those strikes will occur.

November 12, 2014--Resilience in the face of Colorado’s water stress (Grand Junction Free Press)

On Nov. 5-6, water experts from around the West gathered at Colorado Mesa University for the fourth annual Upper Colorado River Basin Water Forum. The theme was “Seeking a resilient future,” and the speakers offered rich food for thought on that topic.

November 11, 2014--Water plan meetings on tap (Durango Herald)

Four meetings on the Southwest Basin Implementation Plan, part of a statewide effort to resolve water shortages, to be unveiled next month, start next week.  Members of the public can learn about draft plans and offer opinions to water authorities.

November 11, 2014--Water plan moving along in Colorado (Durango Herald)

Every water interest in the state must give something to get something from Colorado’s first comprehensive water plan, three people with a stake in the outcome told The Durango Herald editorial board Monday.

November 9, 2014--Colorado girds for proliferating people and increasingly scarce water (Denver Post)

Colorado is looking for 163 billion gallons of water, and a long-awaited state plan for finding it calls for increased conservation, reusing treated wastewater and diverting more water from the Western Slope. The plan, ordered by Gov. John Hickenlooper to deal with a massive projected water shortfall, is about to be unveiled.

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