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April 17, 2014--Winds paint dusty picture for Colorado snowpack (Boulder Weekly)

The San Juan Mountains often feel the brunt of the dust events, but a recent surge of desert air brought a thick layer as far north as Summit County at the end of March. If you’ve been skiing in the high country lately and noticed the pinkish snow, no need to check your goggles.

Gimbel Appointed BOR Deputy Commissioner for External & Intergovernmental Affairs

Bureau of Reclamation acting Commissioner Lowell Pimley recently announced Jennifer Gimbel has been named Reclamation’

March 14, 2014--Climate: How hot will it get in Colorado? (Summit Voice)

Climate experts say it’s about to get warmer —probably much warmer — in Colorado. A draft state climate report released this week for public comment shows that Colorado has warmed by 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 50 years.

Marcvh 13, 2014--Planting seeds in Mancos clouds (Durango Herald)

No one can control the weather, but scientists have done what they can to encourage snowfall in Colorado by cloud seeding for decades, and now they are working to improve it near Mancos. On Monday meteorologist, Marta Nelson, installed a temporary radiometer at Jackson Lake near the Mancos Water Conservancy District.

March 12, 2014--Reclamation veteran Jennifer Gimbel to serve as Deputy Commissioner for External and Intergovernmental Affairs (USBR)

Bureau of Reclamation acting Commissioner Lowell Pimley announced Jennifer Gimbel has been named Reclamation’s Deputy Commissioner for External and Intergovernmental Affairs. “An important component of carrying out Reclamation’s mission is working with its customers, stakeholders and the public,” said Acting Commissioner Pimley.

March 12, 2014--Future trend in Colorado precipitation unclear (SF Gate)

A draft report on climate change says computer models disagree on whether Colorado's precipitation will increase or decrease as temperatures rise. The report, released Wednesday, says most projections indicate less snow will accumulate in Colorado's mountains because warming trends are causing it to melt earlier in the season.

March 11, 2014--State water plan: Roundtable progress, but new supply is elusive (Pueblo Chieftain)

The most productive use of water may be drinking pitchers of it while having discussions about the state’s future. That could be the lesson of last week’s state roundtable summit, which brought together about 300 people ranging from state bureaucrats to water lawyers; farmers to water utility managers; county commissioners to fish lovers.

February 21, 2014--Colorado lawmakers back off plan to conserve water by limiting lawn size for new developments (AP)

Colorado lawmakers on Friday backed off a plan to conserve water by limiting the size of lawns in new developments, avoiding a clash between developers and environmentalists as the state tries to deal with limited water and a booming population. Sen.

February 20, 2014--Protecting McPhee Reservoir is goal of water managers (Cortez Journal)

There is a lot going on these days that could affect the Dolores Project and many recent events have received newspaper coverage. This column is intended to put these events into a broader context that will help those who are interested understand what is going on as this story continues to unfold.

February 20, 2014--Town to develop water efficiency plan (Telluride Daily Planet)

Telluride may sit at the top of a watershed, but as the last two summers have proven, that does not make it immune to drought. Now, in an effort to establish efficiency measures, gain a comprehensive understanding of its water supply and meet a requirement set out in a 2012 water settlement agreement, the town is setting out to develop a water efficiency plan.

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