Climate Change

October 13, 2014--Sea level rise over past century unmatched in 6,000 years, says study (Guardian)

The rise in sea levels seen over the past century is unmatched by any period in the past 6,000 years, according to a lengthy analysis of historical sea level trends.

October 8, 2014--Scientists warn sea levels could swamp coasts (USA Today)

It doesn't take a storm to cause destructive flooding. Rising sea levels are causing more frequent high-tide floods even on completely clear days on the East and Gulf Coasts, says a report out Wednesday from the Union of Concerned Scientists. In the next 15 years or so, many towns and cities could see a tripling in the number of high-tide floods each year.

October 8, 2014--Scientists sound alarm over ocean acidification (ABC)

Ocean acidificationhas risen by a quarter since pre-industrial times as a result of rising carbon emissions, casting a shadow over the seas as a future source of food, scientists warned on Wednesday.

October 5, 2014--Glaciers lose 204 billion tons of ice in three years (Geophysical Research Letters)

Antarctica is losing so much mass that it’s actually changing Earth’s gravity. Antarctica is famously a continent capped with ice, but as Earth’s climate changes and the polar regions get warmer, its ancient ice is beginning to melt.

October 4, 2014--In the Age of Extinction, which species can we least afford to lose? (Guardian)

The threatened extinction of the tiger in India, the perilous existence of the orangutan in Indonesia, the plight of the panda: these are wildlife emergencies with which we have become familiar. They are well-loved animals that no one wants to see disappear.

October 2, 2014--Climate change could increase global fresh water: MIT (Climate Central)

Water stress — the general scarcity of freshwater for people who need it — is considered by many scientists as one of the biggest challenges facing humanity and struggling ecosystems in a world increasingly affected by climate change. Studies differ on how much the world’s growing population will be affected by the growing diff

September 29, 2014--New report highlights USA's water-supply woes (USA Today)

A report, released Monday by the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread, found that "diminished water supply is the greatest threat to the economic security and social stability of major portions of this country." "We all need water and count on it to survive," said Lynn Broaddus, director of the environment program at the foundation.

September 22, 2014--6 ways climate change is making us sick (

Just a day after the People’s Climate March, one of the largest international environmental marches, a new analysis of 56 studies on climate change-related health problems shows that increasingly, global temperatures and severe weather events will continue to have a major impact on global health. In the U.S.

September 22, 2014--Mt. Shasta mudslide blamed on drought, melting glacier (Los Angeles Times)

California's prolonged drought is believed to have caused a massive mudslide on Mt. Shasta over the weekend after meltwater from a glacier sent torrents of debris and mud down the mountain, officials said.

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