Climate Change

EPA Releases “Being Prepared for Climate Change: A Workbook for Developing Risk-Based Adaptation Plans”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Climate Ready Estuaries program has published Being Prepared for Climate Change: A Workbook for Developing Risk-Based Adaptation Plans as a resource for environmental managers and planners.

January 22, 2015--Climate-induced migration: A looming crisis (Huff Post)

Climate change is an immense and multifaceted global challenge, likely to change the planet we call home and

January 20, 2015--From water to weather: Where to make money sustainably (Guardian)

Where there’s muck there’s brass – or should that be the other way round? The business community must play a meaningful role in cleaning up the mess created by its unsustainable behaviour, but in the absence of tougher regulation will we have to rely on companies finding money-making opportunities in solving the existential challenges we face?

January 18, 2015--Warm oceans drive hottest year on record with more to come, US agencies say (Sydney Morning Herald)

Unusually warm seas helped drive annual global temperatures to a record level in 2014 and are likely to ensure this year has a similarly hot start, climate experts say. Two leading US agencies, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA, have declared last year was the hottest in data going back to 1880, adding to an earlier confirmation by Japan.

January 17, 2015--Earth’s ‘planetary boundaries’ disrupted by human activities (Environmental News Network)

Human activities have “dangerously compromised” four of the nine processes that are crucial to maintaining the stability of the planet, warns an international team of researchers .

January 14, 2015--The tides are changing: Sea levels rising at faster rate than predicted, study finds (Independent)

Global sea levels have risen faster than previously thought over the past century, suggesting that climate change is having a greater-than-expected impact on the rising oceans, a study has found. A new way of estimating global sea levels since the start of the 20th Century found that the period 1900-1990 experienced a 30 per cent smaller rise than researchers had previously calculated.

January 10, 2015--A think tank for the Colorado River’s future (Water Currents)

Have you ever been in a work meeting or a classroom when you realize that you – and probably everyone else in the room – seemed to be talking at cross purposes and had lost track of the problem you were trying to solve.

January 8, 2015--Prepare for rising migration driven by climate change, governments told (Guardian)

Governments need to plan better for rising migration driven by climate change, experts said on Thursday, citing evidence that extreme weather and natural disasters force far more people from their homes than wars.

January 8, 2015--21 photos from the frontlines of climate change (Inside Climate News)

A coalition of some of the world's top photographers launched a project this month to document how climate change is altering communities, wildlife and landscapes across the globe. Known as EveryDayClimateChange, the venture is housed on Instagram.

January 5, 2015--Climate change will cause irreversible impacts if action is not taken: IPCC report (Headlines and Global News)

Climate change is undoubtedly upon us, and it will cause irreversible impacts on both the environment and world economies if action is not immediately taken, warns a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The effects of climate change have already been felt over recent decades around the world and across oceans.

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