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July 19, 2014--Water rationing for farmers? It's on the horizon (Arizona Central)

Regional water planners last month made a prediction that will likely be a game-changer for Arizona's economy, revealing just how water scarcity will restructure the future of our food security. As early as 2017, drought in the Lower Colorado River's watershed could lead to irrigation rationing for central Arizona agriculture.

July 8, 2014--Lake Mead edges closer to historic low level, raising river concerns (Rocky Mountain PBS)

Lake Mead. The white ring "around the tub" shows how much elevation the surface of the lake has lost. Lake Mead, the vast reservoir behind historic Hoover Dam outside Las Vegas, is flirting with historic low levels. And that doesn’t bode well for any of the seven states (or Mexico) that share Colorado River water.

June 26, 2014--Arizona cities look proactively in dealing with drought, dipping river level (Bloomberg)

As the drought in the West and overuse of Colorado River water continue, officials of Arizona's two largest cities are launching a new strategy aimed at countering the anticipated impacts of drought and long-term climate change. Instead of working separately to secure water, Phoenix and Tucson say they are working collaboratively.

June 17, 2014--Arizona cities could face cutbacks in water from Colorado River, officials say (New York Times)

Arizona could be forced to cut water deliveries to its two largest cities unless states that tap the dwindling Colorado River find ways to reduce water consumption and deal with a crippling drought, officials of the state’s canal network said Tuesday.

June 13, 2014--Water leaders discuss unmet needs (Prescott Courier)

If people would just move where water is available instead of trying to move water toward communities, life would be a lot simpler in Arizona. But Arizonans don't live in portable houses like the early residents, so it's not so easy to pick up and move.

May 25, 2014--What if the drought continues for another 10 years? (Arizona Central)

Arizona is into the second decade of drought. A visit to Lake Mead is sobering. Conversations are starting about where the state will get water in the future. We asked two experts: What if the drought continues for another 10 years? Let's assume things continue pretty much like they have for the last decade, but don't get markedly worse.

May 18, 2014--Proposed EPA rule could hurt Arizona's water supply (Arizona Central)

Alarm bells are being sounded by Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain, the Arizona Farm Bureau, water lawyers, ranchers and the head of Central Arizona Project. The Environmental Protection Agency says it is only attempting to clarify the definition of "waters of the United States" in the Clean Water Act. This is needed because U.S.

April 26, 2014--Colorado River system conservation program (Inkstain)

We’re beginning to see details of a pilot program to conserve water in the Colorado River Basin to prop up declining water levels in the basin’s major reservoirs by paying water users to not use water.

March 30, 2014--Too early to tell if above average snowpack will help Colorado River (Havasu News)

It snowed hard all winter in the Rocky Mountains, and come spring that’s always been a sign that once that huge snowpack melts, the Colorado River will tumble mightily with a greater bounty of water to keep the Southwest viable. The overall snowpack is now at 115 percent of average for this time of the year in the Rockies.

March 4, 2014--Colorado River shortages could occur by 2016 or 2017 (Arizona Capital Times)

Central Arizona Project (CAP) is the primary steward of Arizona’s Colorado River water supplies and places paramount importance on the health

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