July 26th, 2014

July 26, 2014-- How Frustration And Inaction Color EPA's Efforts To Enforce The Clean Water Act (Huffington Post)

For years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been frustrated in its efforts to pursue hundreds of cases of water pollution — repeatedly tied up in legal fights about exactly what bodies of water it has the authority to monitor and protect. Efforts in Congress to clarify the EPA's powers have been defeated.

July 26, 2014-- Rio Olympic Waters Described as Toilet to Be Tested (Bloomberg)

Athletes concerned about pollution in Rio de Janeiro’s Guanabara Bay that will be used for the summer Olympic sailing competitions will carry out their own water tests next week. International squads are traveling to Brazil for the 2016 Games’s first test event amid concerns over water quality in the bay, where large amounts of untreated sewage and debris flow daily.

July 26, 2014-- Saving it up for a rainy day? (The Pueblo Chieftain)

Don’t run out and buy a rain barrel. Even if you’re lucky enough to catch a downpour, it is illegal to collect rainwater from rooftops in Colorado in most cases. The Pueblo Chieftain ran an article in its Real Estate section Friday that suggested rain barrels could be used to meet water needs.

July 26, 2014--Pandora water treatment project nearing completion (Telluride Daily Planet)

The Pandora water treatment project at the east end of the valley is on schedule and should be complete by this fall, ending more than three years of construction. The project, which fired up in 2011, has been in the works for more than 20 years, and it will pipe water from Upper Bridal Veil Basin to a new treatment facility at the east end of the box canyon.

July 26, 2014-- Aquifer's decline threatens economy (Salina Journal)

As a boy in the late 1940s, Gary Baker occasionally rolled out of bed at 3 a.m. to help his father harness a head of water meandering down the Great Eastern Ditch. The supply was diverted from the Arkansas River and collected in Lake McKinney, then released to feed a ditch system capable of flood-irrigating crops.

July 25, 2014-- Greeley doing good job of conserving water

Greeley is closing the gap between current and future water needs through conservation and serves as a model for other Colorado communities, officials said Thursday during a Greeley ceremony in honor of Colorado River Day. Colorado River Day marks the date the Colorado River was renamed and serves as an annual celebration to highlight water issues in Colorado.

July 25, 2014--Northern Colorado gets $75K more for watershed work (The Coloradoan)

The U.S. Department of the Interior has granted a Northern Colorado watershed protection group $75,000 to help with projects to reduce wildfire damage in the mountains that bring water to thousands of Coloradans. The grant is part of $187,500 being given to Colorado, most of which will go to projects in the Arkansas River Basin in the south-central part of the state.

July 25, 2014--Funding Aims to Reduce Risk to Local Water Supplies from Wildland Fires (Pagosa Daily Post)

As part of the Obama administration’s 'Climate Action Plan' to reduce carbon pollution while better preparing the nation for the impacts of climate, like longer, hotter and drier wildfire seasons, Deputy Secretary of the Interior Michael Connor today visited northern Colorado to see firsthand the efforts to protect the Colorado-Big Thompson Project water system, and announce an additional $187,500

July 25, 2014--Water projects get a boost (The Pueblo Chieftain)

A draft federal energy and water funding bill includes an additional $90 million for projects such as the Arkansas Valley Conduit, U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, both Democrats, said Thursday.